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Phillip Island Murder

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr C, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. I just returned from holidaying in Newhaven for the second time in 2 years. Last year I became aware of the brutal murder of Beth Barnard, and the disappearance of Vivienne Cameron in 1986 by watching a tape of a tv show called "Sensing Murder". This year I read the book by Vikki Petraitis, which details the events of Sept 23rd 1986. I am completely hooked by this case, and would love to discuss any ideas people might have regarding this shocking tragedy. It's my amateur sleuth opinion that the accused woman, Vivienne Cameron did not commit the murder, but was indeed killed by another person...possibly the same person responsible for Beth Barnard's murder. Someone out there must know something, 23 years later!

  2. Good thanks, hows your Grandma?
  3. Cold case forum's over there dude ---> :busting:

  4. I think the penguins did it.

    Dragged her off and brutalised her.

    Damn penguins.
  5. Waddya mean, mate. It's not cold yet.....long way to go before that.

  6. Damn right Bonk.

    If only 1 or 2 they are pretty gutless, but anymore they turn into a rampaging mob. Thats why they have the roped off area at the parade to protect the tourists.

  7. Who are you exactly, what do you ride?
    Oh and next time use the welcome forum you rude little man.
  8. The lebs of the bird world.
  9. I did it, case solved. Next!!!
  10. ...no!!!.... I'm sparticus!!!
  11. He's right, it is a conspiracy!!!
  12. He hasn't written anything rude, smee. :-s

    (Just entirely un bike related :LOL:)

  13. He didn't introduce himself that's just rooood
  14. Unfortunately I have to agree with Smee on this one, for a first post with no introduction, it is a bit rude.
  15. I thought he going to say there was an axe murderer loose on the island or something.
    Which would suck, I'm going down there tomorrow...
  16. watch out for fairy penguins, mean little ****ers.
    if you see one, avoid eye contact and remain perfectly still until it goes away, hopefully...
    yeah, just hope it's allready killed an eaten something allready.
  17. Eh?

    A 23 year old murder isn't cold?

    Anyway, I was just using it to dismiss your comments because this is a motorcycle forum, not detective school.

    I am interested in what you have to say... but first you must say hello.

    So nuuuuuuuuuhhh! :cheeky:

  18. I thought this was going to be a review of Casey Stoner's performance in the Australian Grand Prix :rofl:
  19. What are you talking about, dude. You don't belong in the "Welcome" forum. **** off.
  20. Looks like smee's got a secret!