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Phillip Island Moto GP - who's been to one?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Man Hands, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Philip Island moto GP is only a month away! :woot::woot:

    I thought it might be an idea if some people who have been before can give us first timers the lowdown on some things we should know about. The things I would love to know are which tickets to buy (grandstand or general admission), where can you have a beer at the track, where are the best vantage points, etc.

    Plus any other things you think would be handy to know before going.


  2. This will be my 13th year at the Motogp.

    Grandstand seats are best if you want to see the action, but there are lots of great GA viewing points. You can drink beer anywhere.. best option is to take your own 6 pack in (not visable in an esky!)
    Take an FM radio so you can hear whats going in while you nick off for a piss. Take a raincoat, even if it is forecast to be 35 and sunny. and if you choose GA admission a chair can be a handy thing.

    There are also lots of other tricks, like how to get pitlane access without a pass, how to get free beer on the Friday and Sat afternoons, free camping and sometimes entry, and how to get 50% off all current merchandise... But you'll have to figure out your own rorts!

  3. GA is fine for viewing and good spots are between Turn 1 & Turn 2 and Siberia and also the main straight.
    Be prepared to lose your mind on how loud and awesome GP bikes sounds when they are fully opened up................mmmmmmmm.

    You can either ride your bike to the track or get a shuttle bus from the many locations around the island.

  4. if you ride to the track have fun in the traffic on sunday arvo.
  5. Turn 3 for me. Seeing those bikes go through turn 3 at about 240 cliks sliding, gives me a stiffy without viagra! At turn 3 you can see the bikes coming down the straight and around the loop and up through siberia.

    This year I'm a track marshall, so I don't know where I will be.

    Jap :busting: myself
  6. Thanks lads, can't wait. Lucky enough to have a mate living on PI who we can stay with so won't be camping but something tells me the campgrounds could be good fun on friday & saturday nights. Fingers crossed for some decent weather anyway.
  7. planning to go down for the first time this year as well!

    turn 1 & 2 good for photos?
  8. Don't forget Sat'dee night down the main street, live music at the bottom of the hill near the pier, you may even see a rider in one or two of the Pizza joints, take your bike, eye candy galore, some awesome rides and every now and then a burn out to make your friggen mind snap.....

    Every rider should experience a MotoGP and more importantly a WSBK event at PI.
  9. ^^^ This by a million. I only did that once. Apart from being rooted riding home after such a long weekend, there are quite a few knobheads thinking they are Rossi in the congestion. Most riders are really good, but it only takes one. Annual leave day Monday every year for us now, we cruise home Monday Lunchtime.

    Bonus of that as well is you grab a slab, set up a chair on the side of the highway and bike perve til after dark.

    For photo ops, there are so many places you really should walk the circuit. Lukey / MG are awesome for pics. Standing at the final turn looking back towards Lukey is cool too, and turns 1-4 are great for pics from Siberia, but only with a decent camera / zoom lens.
  10. thanks for that. got a good zoom on the way, pretty rubbish body but does the tricky.

    sounds like its awesome to go the whole weekend? was just gonna buy a sunday ticket but sounds like you miss a lot of fun? haha
  11. By 'good' camera I just meant anything better than my crappy Ixus. Any SLR will do fine. The better zoom lens you have, the better shots you'll get. You can get some fantastic shots of the bikes leaned over with Bass Straight in the background at the bottom of the circuit. My mate took some a couple of years ago, will try and dig one up.

    If you can go the whole weekend, definitely do it. So much other stuff on, classic bike races, Aus SBs... if you get bored you must be dead.
  12. will see who wants to head down for at least sat/sun then, i reckon!
  13. I will be there again Fri - Mon, camera in hand. Camping this year, so I'm hoping the weather is better than last year.
  14. last year went down for the race, bike park was a tad boggy but was an experience, didnt stay till the endof the race tho as i had a shit ride there, then thought my clutch shat itself when I got there so took off early. hoping to get there again this year, and loud?? far ker nell!! lol
  15. Will be heading down this year! Flying down early saturday, so I should catch most of that day. Staying in Melb, which is a bit of a pain in the arse, but it's better than not heading down at all. Can't wait!
  16. Hi guys, we have a spare 3-day general admission ticket (leftover from a bulk purchase) selling for only $120. (at the gate it's $160 for the 3 days). Pick-up from Narre Warren Sth or Frankston.
    Oh, and Turn 8 opposite the hayshed is a secret spot with good view of a lot of the track, and at moto there's a superscreen in front of the adjacent VIP tent.
  17. My first year too.... Flying down. Hopefully will have a bike for riding to the supers next year. Is it worth getting the add-on GP hub tickets?
  18. First year going to the GP too, gonna ride down on Sunday with some mates...hopefully its good and it may even turn me into a GP fan ;)
  19. How's I won 4 tickets with return airfares + camping from Triple M Melbourne! About to offload my other tickets. Stoked!!
  20. half your luck!!