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VIC Phillip Island Lap Times - What's yours

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Rossi was your student (<1:45)

  2. Seriously quick for an amateur (1:45 to 1:55)

  3. Not too shabby (1:55 to 2:10)

  4. Give me time, I'll get there! (2:10 to 2:30)

  5. Still having a ball (2:30 to 2:45)

  1. I know that a lot of people here are ride day addicts or at least have been to PI once or twice. And being the sort of people we are, I'm sure that the stopwatch was used to see how fast you were.

    So, how fast are you?

  2. Did a 1:54 on my 1st day out there :wink:
  3. 1:53, with lots to improve one. I suck for wholistic consistency at present.
  4. Hey, What's mine? It don't matter to anyone, but me. I'm not competing with you, only me!
  5. Really?I would have thought someone who bears such a wealth of knowledge on cornering et all would be running in the mid 1:40s Cathar :wink: :grin:
  6. given that its a BIG no-no if you do a ride day there with the
    Superbike school to time your laps
    ...I can't really say
    on my ol' Kwaka ZX7fiddy
    it was less than 1:55 and more than 1:45 :wink:
    and the speedo showed more than 2fiddy on the straightaway :twisted:

    I am itching to take the 12R down
    might do something serious ...timewize

  7. Yes, and I thought that someone who thinks that they're so good, with aspirations for racing with their latest model all-conquering-best-possible-sports-bike-that-you-can-buy would be achieving 1:39's on their bike in stock street trim, which is what it would take to be competitive at any level. :twisted: :wink:

    At least I understand what I need to do to get better, and am out there doing it, rather than living in dream-land. :p
  8. lol is that the best you could do? :LOL: :LOL: Hehehe if you knew me even in the slightest you'd know i dont think im anything special,although im still confident in my abilities.So please tell me,how many people cut a 1:39 on their 1st day at the isle? :LOL: lmao and you think im living in a dream land :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I did! :grin: :cool: :p
  10. Ok so I lied.... :wink: :p

    I did my very first ride day this past Tuesday and my first lap was 2:36 and my last lap was 2:28, so I got it down... :) :) Tell you what, I was freakin' scared going over 200kms on the straight though!!

  11. lol its all good,as long as you had fun :cool:

    its fun stirring "cathar the all knowing" up though
  12. 'tis all in good fun GR. You had a stab at me. I replied in kind. :wink:

    What you say doesn't bother me. I know my limitations and the only person I'm in competition with is myself.

    Now get back to the Island and show me up! :grin:
  13. I did a 6 hour and 25 minute lap at the G.P.

    Special race fuel included a shedload of VB cans, 1 Souvlaki, 4 Donuts and half a dozen dimmies.

    Lets see you lot beat that. :p

    Oh yeah, I went the wrong way as well. :LOL:
  14. Think it was around 10 mins last time I tried it, on the Barry Sheene run
  15. I had an absolute ball!!! I absolutely just loved it. In fact, I have booked myself in for a March ride day now!! :grin: I can see how addictive it gets!!

    Anyone else going? :) :)
  16. Could never quite get under the 2:04 mark, in race conditions in the Formula Vee. Yeah, I know its not a bike, but 200k's into turn one with the throttle wide open sure is a blast.
  17. And to prove that grip will always overcome horsepower on a circuit like PI:

    FORMULA VEE 1200 DANIEL REINHARDT ELFIN 4/09/2005 1.56.8004
    FORMULA VEE 1600 BENJAMIN FORGAN JACER 4/09/2005 1.53.9904
  18. i was quite happy with my 2:01. i was the quickest in the second slowest group. admittedly the other two owners of the same bike were the quickest in the next two faster groups, so the slowness on my part was only due to my own skill level. it was the first time i'd ridden a bike, in the dry, in over ten years

    maybe you were joking (hope so) or perhaps you take yourself too seriously.

    phillip island was a religious experience for me.
  19. Mmm, me thinks GixxerThug is the latter. 1:44 on road tyres is pretty full on. I think Adam Fergusson did a 1:44 on a stock Blade a couple of years ago, but he's a full Class A racer with international experience.

    I am now doing 1:55's on the 1000 and 1:56 on the 600. The 600 I reckon I can see an easy 2-3 seconds with some adjustment to the suspension. It was Zeldagirls bike and I only had it for 6 laps. The front was a bit bouncy and the tyres are quite old, but it was the easiest 1:56 I've done.
  20. So true, a few more realistic figures (production racing class):
    Holden VY GTS - 1:46.7
    Lotus Exige - 1:50.8
    Honda S2000 - 1:53.4
    Toyota Echo - 2:02.6

    So a "not too shabby" time can be set by a stock Toyota Echo :LOL:.