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Phillip Island keeps MotoGP until 2016

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by quietman, May 30, 2010.

  2. Totally magnificent news !
  3. Damn, I could've done with a nice trip to Sydney too.
  4. Excellent. Pity the government retards have to bandy about with their puerile little superiority games, though.
  5. being a new south welshman myself i would have love for it to come here, but where would they have held it?

    Eastern creek wouldnt be up to the standard would it?
  6. It was at Eastern Creek for six years between '91 and '96 but it was crap compared to the Island.
  7. spewing, i was hoping it would be at bathurst, awwweeesome :D
  8. For the first half lap at least :-0 So many unforgiving cement walls.
  9. Real men USE the walls:

  10. lolol thats insane
  11. good news. personally i could never make it to nsw for a wkd so it's great for us.

    great pic grue! wonder where that was taken. you don't get smooth walls like that on IOM...
  12. truer words were never said........
    Back to the island in 1997 was great!!!!

    & it is maybe....... (critics please attack)...... the best r/r circuit in the world.

    Plus, since the very, very beginning of m/c racing, the P.I. people, were and still are the very best.
    xxxxoooxxxxx...... to P.I.
  13. Have been down to watch the race at Phillip Island twice, the first time was one of the best experiences ever. Had a great time.

    Many people from on here planning on making the trip down this year from Sydney ?