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VIC Phillip Island January 04th and 05th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Lionz, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Me and one other (Lozza) booked in for the 04th and 05th, staying in Cowes.

    Leaving Saturday the 02nd and returning Wednesday 06th.

    Anyone else from NSW making the trip down?

    Any Vic characters got a booking? If so it'd be nice to catch up.

    Cheers, Lionz
  2. I might be up for the monday. What group are you booked in?
  3. We've gone yellow group both days. See how that goes as we're not used to the track and maybe move up to green on the day if it's particularly slow group and there's spaces available.
  4. Well, a great 2 days at the Island. Absolutely awesome.

    Monday was pretty blowy, got battered at the end of the front straight and then again after turn 2 - but at least it didn't rain and the wind eased off later in the day.
    Tuesday was superb. Cloudy to start, no wind and the skies cleared slowly all day.
    Gave the Honda a little outing on the Monday and blatted the gixxer for the remainder of the time. Superb.

    Consistent +/- 1.55's so well chuffed with that.

    Ended up in a garage with other guys from Sydney's north shore - two years on the bounce now - what's the odds of that?

    Well worth the trip and will defo be booking in again for Jan 2017...............
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  5. Doing CSS at PI in March with the other half, so looking forward to that for sure...
  6. It's great Chilli - you'll love it........... then you'll both be booking track days, then more track days and then one day you'll think "Where did I put all that money for my retirement?" ;)
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  7. I will start planning on joining you next year at PI. Just have to do it. Its on my bucket list.
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