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Phillip island - giving some info back to you guys

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Hey all, thanks for the help with getting info about camping/travel to the MotoGP in Sept.

    Thought I'd give you some info in return. Check this website:
    http://bikes.grandprix.com.au/ and go to "Ticketing & Travel".

    From there you can look at ticket prices/camping info/etc.

    I spoke to a lady on the phone who was really helpful.

    Camping tickets are for 9am Thursday to 12pm Monday.

    you can look up info on how to get there, the ferry, etc.

    thought it may help some people plan the trip!
  2. Thanks for the info.

    Im getting together a group to travel to the MotoGP from adelaide so it will be very useful.

    I have 5 people already coming which will be great.
  3. well if we go, we'll be a group of 5 too. my, my BF, my dad, & two of dad's mates. one might be taking a car, the rest of us on bikes.

    Just sussing out price/afforability/leave at the moment.

    really hope to go though!!
  4. I'll be there with bells on.
  5. Depending on the timeing we might be able to get the two groups together. The more the safer for all the bikes. One person I am going to ask also would drive if she came along.


    Yeah I a really want to go as well, go and relax in the atmosphere or party in the Atmosphere. :)
  6. Great! Two cars to carry my gear! :LOL:
  7. edgelett, your the young lady that talked about riding your 250 ?? what did you decide ??
    What does your dad & boy friend ride.
  8. yeah that's me Sharpy.

    my dad has a Kwaka ZXR750 and my BF has a Honda CB1300.

    just spoke to dad actually - he's decided not to go. He said mum's mad enough at him for having a bike at all, if he went on a 4 day riding weekend she'll be REALLY pissed.

    So not sure if we're going now, since it would just be me & the other half.
  9. Edgelett, Are you saying your dad is'nt going cos your mum is mad, your mum is mad cos he wants to go away for a couple of days with his daughter!
    So that in turn, has messed up the whole weekend for everyone. When your mum can have ya dad for the rest of the year. Bloody hell.
    PUT your mum on the phone edglett, Im'e gunna give her a darn good talking to.
  10. yeah pretty much that's what I'm saying. When dad bought his bike 3 weeks ago, I got abusive txt messages from my mum demanding to know why I made dad buy a motorbike.

    my mum's very very very anti bikes.

    whenever we go for a ride with dad, we have to do it on the weekends mum's working so she doesn't know.

    we went for a 3 hour ride last weekend that she doesn't know about.

    anyway - my BF's still going to check about getting time off around that time, and if he can we still might go, just the 2 of us. In which case yes I'll take the two fiddy so we can carry more gear.
  11. You won't have your licence by then? You could ride your Dad's bike. (What are Dad's for) Sounds like a looong ride on a two fiddy..... :)
  12. nah mate, I'll still be on restrictions. I have my r-date test 1 week from today!