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Phillip Island Clasic

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Clemo, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. It looks like I will be commitment free most of this weekend so I would like to go check this out.
    Anyone interested in riding down? The weather looks like it will be better on Saturday but Sunday does not look to bad either.

  2. tempting Clemo but already committed ........ bugger it
  3. it's a good day out Clemo, you get to ride around the track (just like the supers) your entry fee gets you access all areas.. take a camera and if you spot an old fart on a Honda Shadow .. it's most probably me..

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  4. I'll be waving flags down there this weekend.
  5. And you do it well dazzler :)

    Cheers B
  6. I'll be snivelling around the pits making a nuisance of myself with the two American visiting riders.
  7. Ok well I have been given the all clear from my parenting duties so Saturday is the day. Whos with me?
  8. I'm in Clemo will see what meet time and where ..
  9. Bugger - already knee deep in work and shit this week + weekend.

    Next year - alas - next year [marks calendar for leave]
  10. I'll be there.
    I go every year. It's great event and well worth the trip down.

    Some blurb copied and pasted from the Phillip Island website...

    January 27 - 29 International Island Classic
    The AMCN international Island Classic is in it's 19th consecutive year and is Australia's largest historic motorcycle race and the third largest motorcycling event on the Australian calendar behind the MotoGP and World Superbike events.

    The event features an international challenge fiercely contested between Australia, The UK and New Zealand along with a points score challenge for the perpetual Phil Irving trophy.
  11. just called to clarify what I read 'somewhere' this weekend buy tickets at the door, no AMEX nor DINERS accepted, can ride 'around' the track to find a 'perfect spot' this is my first time for this event so thought I'd ask.
  12. Catering is a bit limited, but you can still buy your Wild Turkeys and a burger near the main straight, and the cafe is open near the pits,

    The pits and roof are normally FREE entry so enjoy ya day ...
  13. Awesome thaks for clarifying that goddie. We might even be able to get pass outs and head into cows and get some fish and chips or something similar. Should be a great day :D
  14. Going down with a mate on Saturday!!! Should be heaps of fun.
  15. fixed it for ya, reckon the chippes might taste better too:-s
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  16. Will be heading down on Saturday in the car though. Taking the wife & boys for their first taste of bike racing. Counts as a "family day" for the wife so win/win. Should be a nice day out.

  17. Ok well the weather report for tomorrow is...

    Saturday 28 January

    Min 20
    Max 33

    Melbourne area

    Sunny. Winds northerly averaging up to 20 km/h and afternoon bayside sea breezes up to 25 km/h.

    Perfect riding weather.
  18. awesome event. well worth going. I raced in 2009 and a lot of fun. Great viewing as well with a variety of bikes
  19. Heading down the sunday. should be good
  20. Was a bit warm in Pit Lane during one of thhe practice sessions today (from www.mcnews.com.au).