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Phillip island april 1st

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. The second round of the Victorian Interclub Series is at the P.I. circuit on April 1st. Free admission and great racing at a great venue. You cant expect steak knives with all of that. Johnny o may even be there.

  2. This is not a puerile april fool joke
  3. Look out for the super quick zx10r floating around. That be my boss :shock:
  4. I'm planning on doing my first race on Sunday (Twin Sprint class)...wish me luck :shock:
  5. Good luck nova. what bike are you racing. i'll come up and say g'day
  6. My little red SV650S :grin:
  7. I would go if I had some way of getting down there :roll:
  8. Dawn, hunnie, can't you ride down. I'd help but I have to bludge a ride myself
  9. I can ride or drive down.. just dont want to go alone :p
  10. If you can drive down, I'm happy to be your passenger.
  11. Ok well I managed both of my objectives....a) not to fall off and b) not to finish last!

    They put me in the formula 3 class (400's and 250's) and I did 1 novice race and 2 Formula 3 races and I was the only rider there in the Twin Sprint class :cry:

    The first race was a bit 'interesting' as I haven't ridden on PI for about 2 years and I found myself going way outside my 'comfort' zone just to avoid getting hit by the other bikes whizzing by :oops:

    The races were very short 3/4 laps and I found that it took me a least a lap to get back in the grove at which point I started to catch people (finished 3/4 from last in each race).

    The funny thing was that my SV was the fastest bike down the straight (about 215 on the limiter in 5th...need to lower my gearing) and so I prob could have won if only the skill was there.

    I did manage to leave most of the little buggers at the start though and I bet a few of those guys thought it was a bit unfair to be facing off against a 650 twin :p

    The Pilot Powers seemed to perform well with only one major slide when I used too much back brake going into a tight bend, I'm running them at 30psi front and 32 back (cold)...not sure if that is best? I'll prob get myself some tyre warmers and fit some sticker rubber for my next races. I also need to sort out the front suspension as it's still standard (eg it's shit) and lower the gearing.

    All in all a great day and the other racers were really helpful. I'm knacked now, can I go back to bed please?

    Chris (no longer a race virgin)
  12. I hope you enjoyed winning a trophy as much as I enjoyed presenting it to you. I tried to make the time to meet you, but I was flat out all bloody day. Hope to see you at broadford in 5 weeks.