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VIC Phillip Island accommodation Oct 2014

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by annieVFR750, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Hi
    I am flying down from BNE and heading down to the Moto Gp in October at Philip Island 2014 - extremely excited. Its actually a surprise for my husband so I have bought tickets / hired a bike in Melbourne / and are now praying it does not rain. Does anybody have any tips for me?

    Also the island is almost full so I had to hire an entire hous so have actually have two bedrooms empty so thought I may be able to help somebody out for $100pp night!

    Any tips idea comments would be great.
    We are there for Sat night & Sun night - just Sunday at the track.

    I only bought General Admission tickets so any tips where to watch the race? Also I like the idea of the garage upgrade but it looks like that is only for a three day pass - Im confused!!

    I am not a motorcyclist although I love being a passenger so are really not sure about any of this. I have hired us a Honda VFR as I like the sound of the exhaust - very distinctive


    (I already posted this & have had some great ideas already )
  2. Best thing about spectating at the track is that you can see half of the whole thing from most vantage points around it. IMO the best viewing area are along the top of the circuit. Turns 6-8 (Siberia to hayshed) are nice to watch from and have the most action (ie crashes!). Turn 10 (MG) is another popular spot. There's plenty of time on Sunday morning to walk around the track and find your preferred spot before the big races start. If the weathers nice and the crowds big, the good viewing spots will likely be 10 deep in the arvo.