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phillip island 24-26 feb

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ricerockets, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. is anyone here going to phillip island to watch the races?

    i will most likely be riding there to support some mates racing

    just wondering if anyone else was :D

  2. I wont be but I dare say that you wont have any trouble finding others riding down.
  3. yep, someone will be organising a ride down no doubt! ill be down for one or both of saturday and sunday, havent booked anything yet!
  4. I will be heading down on Thursday 23th about 12.00
    and not returning till the next thursday
  5. Nice Tony!
    The little man and myself are down on the 26th, pity we can't by netrider hats! We'll be on the Strom!

  6. I'll pop down on saturday and depending on weather and other things that may pop up might even sneak down on friday 24th
  7. This will be about my 14th or 15th year staying at the island to watch the Supers..

    I'm gunna miss not having a Troy to barrack for this year....

    Cant wait!
  8. Driving the missus and the little one (3months) to Melbourne on the Thursday or late Wednesday night. She can shop Thursday/Friday then leaves me with Sat and Sunday at the Island.

    Just need to organise accommodation and Muffs for the little guy.
  9. Jodz and I are heading down to PI, will arrive late afternoon/early evening Friday as have to work in the morning. Staying at Cowes Caravan Park in a cabin.
  10. Booked in @ Rydges in the city, now for the 4 hour round trip with 3 month old 8-[
  11. See you all down there.....I'll be the bloke standing on a corner in the orange overalls. Best seats in the house....
  12. Could be Mike or me, I'm flagging too.
  13. I'll be there again this year. I'll be at the track from Friday morning.
  14. Just been informed that there is a large blue welcoming party waiting on the Spurs to greet visiting riders. Don't let your weekend be ruined. :wink:
  15. Blue welcoming party,thats great any free drinks and food.
  16. The kneedragons have landed. Where is everybody?
  17. Back home now. Quite a warm day down there and very warm riding back home. If you saw a guy with a SMIDSY t-shirt on, that was me.

  18. I herd there was a fatal crash there???? Is that true?
  19. Think I was the only one wearing my SMIDSY! Today