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Phillip Island 16/17th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Ian Wiltshire, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. So........ How did everybody get on??

  2. You weren't there?

    I decided not to compete, just too expensive given other stuff I have going on.

    HH for me, 20th and 21st!
  3. I was there, just wondered how everyone else got on.

    What kind of HP do you get out of your SV CeJay?
  4. Cliff. It only takes 3 people to keep a secret, provided 2 of them are dead.
  5. From what I hear, it's the regular kind. How much of it he gets is anyone's guess though. :)
  6. No point in guessing, thats why I asked.
  7. Between 70 and 75hp.
  8. thanks, I'm guessing thats at the engine.
  9. No, most Sv650's are making that at the rear wheel.
  10. Thats pretty impressive power.
  11. Not really. 70rwhp on a modern 650 isn't that much. A new Jap 600 IL4 makes 100+.

    You're just stunned that someone with 70hp is so sloooooooow :p
  12. A jap inline 4 has little pistons =D

    But yeah, why are you so slow ....... LOL
  13. Going fast is scary!