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Philips Vision Plus

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by robbied, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Hey there guys,

    I needed to replace my tired headlight bulbs so I did a little research and found that the Philips Vision Plus (clear no blue tint) were highly recommended.

    I went to autobarn and got a pair for of the H4 type for $40

    I had to bend 2 of the 3 tabs back to make them fit in the holder (the tabs are just to stop them rotating)

    They are nice and bright (claimed 50% more than standard globes) and to my recollection they are cheaper than the Honda OEM globes.



  2. Rob, you may find the bulb doesn't last as long as you may expect, because they are designed for use in cars, which normally only run the headlight for a few hours at night, not a bike which has the headlight on constantly.

    But if you find that they have improved them, or released a motorcycle friendly version, please let me know!

  3. :LOL: That sounds like something a bike shop would feed people.
    I really, really doubt there's a factory out there somewhere making standard H4 globes just for bikes. A car H4 isn't going to be any worse than a bike one. After all some cars have their lights on permanently too either by choice or by design (ie Volvos).
    Oh and a globe life really only depends on the number of times it's switched on or off - not how long it's been on for (it's the rapid heating/cooling that destroys the filaments).
  4. I can vouch for the crap that honda were putting in their ~'90s bikes, I replaced the headlamps in all my bikes so far and found that the better brand ones from super cheap are way better than the oem crap in each bike.
  5. JD, it's not crap from a bike shop, it's personal experience.

    My husband put them in his Blackbird that he rides daily to work. They worked brilliantly, but lasted less than 2 months - at $55 a twin pack he wanted to know why, so he contacted Phillips and was told the bulbs were not designed for Motorcycle headlights - they'll last around 100 hours...

    Once again, please let me know if you find they improved these bulbs in the last 18 months! :)
  6. Wow... how crap. No wonder most cars I see getting around have at least one headlamp out.
  7. Fair enough. But I put a car globe in my Kat (different brand but similar type) and it worked fine for 2 years of regular riding - in fact it's still working fine, even after a 80kph impact into the side of a car! I really doubt bike manufacturers would be manufacturing their own lightglobes, the very reason that bikes run H4/H7 globes would likely be because they're sourcing them from companies manufacturing them for cars (possibly Denso). I don't think it's fair to make a statement along the lines of "all car globes are crap" if you've only tried one brand. Other globes will certainly last much longer than 100 hours - just ask the owner of any Volvo.
    Edit: Incidentally if you want globes that are genuinely made better/separately to auto globes try buying some designed for microscopes (which are same as a H4 just without the metal "ring") - if I remember right they're about $200-300 each :shock: .
  8. Set your faces to stun, I agree in principal with JD :) :p

    There's a light globe in some US firestation that hasn't been turned off for over 100yrs.


    I do wonder whether there is a different design spec for motorcycle light bulbs though? The filament would have to tolerate more vibration than the equivalent car bulb. ??

  9. That sounds like a manufacturer cop out to me, no they weren't dodgy and we need to send you a new set, you bought the wrong ones and we owe you nothing sucker...
  10. Motorcycle headlights are subject to much greater levels of shock and vibration than the lights in cars.......
  11. Have had the same 60/55 Austa automotive bulb in the GTR for 18 months, and had a similar bulb in my Z 650.
    You get dud anythings, especially bulbs.
    There used to be"special" motorcycle bulbs, back in the 70's when they had weird reflector designs. Now they are standard H3/4/7's.
    I would say most motorcycle bulbs are blown due to voltage spikes, particularly on Hondas! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Dunno about that - especially if you were to compare say a Goldwing or cruiser with a car running extremely stiff sports suspension on low-profile tyres or a "real" 4wd (that's actually used offroad). I've never known of light vehicles on mines having problems with globes despite being subjected to constant shock/vibration and having the lights going literally all the time (ie 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  13. See I knew you'd disagree.

    And using the exceptions at either end of the bell curve to demonstrate.


    You have a point.
  14. Yep i had a set of phillips globes and yep they didnt last long at all,so yep they are shit :wink:
  15. So cruisers are simply a minority then? Despite the fact they outsell sportsbikes in this country :? .
    And I hardly think that 4wds or stiffly sprung hatches/sedans/utes on low-profile rubber are all that uncommon on the roads either. :p
  16. Surely spending 50 bucks on a pair that will last at least 4 months, is better than buying genuine stanley globes for honda's at 35 bucks each, which last 4 weeks...

    thats my own experience. not likely to be repeated, since I'm going to HID them next time.
  17. My point JD was that bikes generally experience more vibration than vehicles... which you had to disagree with and find some exceptions as you often do using specific example that aren't representative. How many cars run stiff suspension? How many mine vehicles are there?


  18. And as usual you've missed the f*&king point entirely :roll:.
    A mine vehicle doesn't have to be representative - it's an example of how a car can be subjected to just as much shock and continuous usage as a bike (if not more) and yet not have to replace the globes every few weeks/months - despite not using supposedly better made "bike globes".
    As for cars running stiff springs and low-profile tyres just have a look at a lot of the stuff coming out of Europe at the moment (especially those that offer optional "sports" packs). Sure none of these cars makes the top 10 for vehicle sales but all combined they do make a fair chunk of what's actually on the roads at the moment. Just like sportsbikes, or for that matter roadbikes in general, don't make up the bulk of motorcycle sales - yet you obviously think they're more "representative" of what's on the road than cruisers. [/b]
  19. What the hell are you arguing about JD??? :rofl:

    LMAO. Of course I do! Well done JD! Gold star to you. :LOL:

    My guess is that the percentage of sports/road bikes is a MUCH larger percentage of the road going motorcycle population (especially if you exclude postie bikes... but probably still holds true if you do include postie bikes) than the percentage of road going vehicles made up by stiff suspender low profile sports cars + mine vehicles. What makes you think otherwise.

    And motorbikes, yes EVEN CRUISERS, generally do experience more road vibration than vehicles due to intertia effects (smaller mass) and engine vibration. (...though a cruisers should experience less road vibes because of softer suspenders... *shrug* why is this even relevant?? *shrug*)

    If your high end tight suspender sportscars and mine vehicles do indeed have the same brandX joe shcmuck brand globe from Autobahn as everyone else, then you have a point.... but I already said you have a point :roll: (You musta missed that.)

    If not mate, then your assumptions are wrong... but I CBF trawling the net to find out...

    I wonder what the MTBF for mine vehicle head lamps actually is. :-k Seems as though you've made a big assumption here JD. I reckon with enough quizzing of my engineering network buddies in the petrochem / oil industry, I could prolly find out! ...again, can I be bothered???

    :rofl: Awesome to see you back to your usual form JD.

  20. Not arguing Rob, simply responding to your criticism of me somehow distorting the facts by using extreme examples. And I know for a fact that the lifespan of a standard car globe in a mine vehicle is a lot longer than the 2 months/100 hours since I happened to have driven one for a lot longer than that. And trust me when I say it was subjected to a hell of a lot more shock than any roadbike's ever going to experience and more than some dirtbikes too (4wds are fun when they're not yours ;)).

    Oh and you might want to check the sales figures from the last few years before you go assuming that sportsbikes outnumber cruisers when it comes to sales - you might be surprised (especially with HD in the top 5, given the Jap manufacturers all have dirtbikes/ATVS/etc bulking out sales).