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Philips H4 XTreme Vision +100% H4 [melb]

Discussion in 'Archived' started by goddie, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Anyone interested at all??
  2. Gimmick
  3. Excellent bulbs, do recommend, they actually do double you distance
  4. Placebo effect anyone?
  5. Smee, whats the go? Are these not a brighter globe? Have you used them?
  6. No way, they are genuinely significantly brighter!

    I was dubious too, so when I installed mine, I took some before and after photos. (Camera on manual settings to get the same exposure time)

    The new globes looked brighter, and the photos agreed. I recommend them.
  7. I am getting the globe this week have found someone else wanting the same as they come in a 2 pack, will post a pic or two..
  8. I have used them and they "appear" to be brighter as they throw out a whiter light, but in terms of actual lumens brightness they are the same as the yellower light.
    My bike has hid now and the difference is chalk and cheese
  9. No doubt about HID lights throwing out way more light.. I converted my car.. but it's not road legal to convert your car or bike, and bad conversions just end up dazzling oncoming traffic.

    Regarding these +xx% bulbs.. I think you might be confusing them with the "WhitePower" "BlueVision" etc kind of bulbs, which as you say, just put out a different colour to look cool. Reviews of those bulbs from the last decade do seem to agree that they don't really improve vision.

    The +xx% bulbs actually DO emit more lumens, by using a tighter (and more fragile) filament and a different gas. I have seen some reviews a while back that did show they emitted extra light.

    That's my understanding based on some reading, but I admit I'm not a total expert in this area; but I ask you to consider this point of view. If you can find some specific tests of the newer bulbs that go against this perspective I'll be interested to see them.

  10. My bike has the proper projecters for hid which is why it was converted.
  11. Oh, weird, so it has projectors that suit HID /or/ halogens?
    Which bike is that?
  12. These bulbs do throw out more light, I'll have to dig out the stuff I found ages ago when looking it up... But defo best to keep the spare bulb for yourself. They are more fragile and don't have the lifespan of a 'normal' one.

    What bike do you have smee to have projectors already? Just being nosey hehe
  13. bmw bike
  14. I bought these instead.
  15. Philips has a range of motorcycle specific globes, XP-Moto being the "premium" model, not sure how they are differed from car globes, I guess better vibration proof.
  16. You're a man (or woman?) of few words, Smee!
    Any BMW in particular there? I'm guessing not one of the classic 60's models.
    I'm just curious.
  17. click on my avatar, there is a whopping big picture of it.
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