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Philip Island GP

Discussion in 'VIC' started by spenze, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Do Netriders typically get together for any kind of social gathering/ride for the occasion?

  2. If so I am in, looking at riding up Sunday morning for the day and going general admission if anyone has gone before (silly question I no) and would some company or tips on where to park and which area is best to view race from I am all ears.....

    Regards Neil
  3. Most years there ends up being a group of Netriders sitting on the Siberia south viewing area (dirt mound).

    The number and who's there varies from year to year.
  4. Anyone going up for the Sunday ???
  5. I'm still interested in going, having never gone before.
  6. riding down there on Thursday
  7. Still contemplating whether I go for the full 3 days (which I did last year) or just ride down on Sunday.
    Have 2 accommodation options (mates who have already booked).
    For those who have never done the full 3 days, it's well worth it. The feeling of bike/rider-unity is sensational each night when riding around the main street, bikes everywhere. Best of all, riding amongst thousands of bikes of all kinds on Sunday arvo, after race completion.
  8. I just bought my 3 day pass and really looking forward to going. :)
  9. I am also contemplating riding down(Sunday) for the experience but am also in the same boat being inexperienced with motorbike motorsport.

    Anyone here to tag with?
  10. going down thursday, 3 days, its fantastic, as have a house there. if u have never been there, go for the day at least, dont be put off, you will enjoy.

  11. I am riding down Sunday morning for the race if anyone would like to join, we can arrange a meet point that suits.....
    Please note that I have not been there before....So any tips on parking and good viewing areas would be helpful...

    Regards Neil
  12. I'll join up for the trip on Sunday, Can't wait to see them live!
  13. I won a 3 day pass from H.A.R.T. so Im interested in the trip down sunday ..
  14. I'll head down on Sunday, but just for the ride there / back (experience)
  15. I'm going down down for all 3 days as it's my first time at PI. I'm going with my fiance a a group of people who go down there every year so my noobness at the island will appreciate their knowledge.
  16. I have a spare double and 2 single beds available available for moto gp weekend.They are located about 1 km from the centre of Cowes.
    PM me if you're intrested.
  17. removed post
  18. Hey guys, I will be going down again this year on the Sunday. I've been down a fair few times. I'll be leaving from Balaclava so if anyone's interested I could meet you at the Shell service station in Hampton Park (to your left right after you turn off the Sth Eastern/Monash or whatever it's called). It'll probably take you a good 45 mins or so to get there from Shell Westgate starting 8.30am. I could be there any time from 9-9.30 onwards; probably with my brother. Go Casey..
  19. I am going down sunday too...be good to go down with a few others
  20. The MRAVic Cranbourne GP Run is held each year on the Saturday of the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

    The MRAVic Cranbourne GP Run is a rare event. Tens of thousands of motorcycles line the streets in a procession-style ride to Phillip Island to promote road safety, the main themes being "Don't Drink Then Ride" and "Motorcycle Aware Driver". Unless you're a celebrity of some kind, you don't generally get to experience something like this - thousands of locals and visitors lining the streets to cheer you on, simply for doing something you love. You have to experience it to know what it's like.