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Phatt Bike

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Rabbito, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Seen today in the carpark over the road from my place. One of 6 in Australia. Notice the sneaky nitrous bottle activated by the high beam switch..is if you need more grunt when you have a V8 between ya legs.If you look close at the instrument cluster you notice a shift indicator..and notice that there is no clutch lever..she's auto,with a reverse gear..yup you would need that.
    Talking to the owner,he says that she lopes along at 100 kp/h at a lazy 1000 rpm.
    Not my cup of tea,but she sure is a conversation starter.




  2. That would possibly be one of the most awkward seating positions designed.

    I'd hope it would be able to sit on 100 at 1k rpm, a commodore can do it at roughly 1.5k rpm.

    I hope it has brakes to match.
  3. I hope the owner has some extremely heat proof boots..

    Doesn't look like theres much protection from the exhaust headers

    Would love to hear what it sounds like though, last time I was lookin up v8 bikes was all the old moto guzzi racing bikes and the like. None of which sounded anything like a typical V8.
  4. I was there (Grey jacket with a gimp limp from arthroscope operation) for the 'Let's Go Cruisin'' meet, they're there every first Tuesday of the month.

    Great turn out & usually pulls in a great crowd of bikes & cars once daylight savings kicks in & we all come out of our nests! :p

    Didn't get a chance to hear it start up unfortunately but I think the 1k RPM is owed not just to A V8, but in fact, a 9L Big Block with 540hp!! Yup, silly Americans! :p