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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by JtS, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Fair enough

    :shock: ... :LOL:

  2. The difference between cats and dogs is that if you are having a heart attack a dog will try to get help. A cat will wait for you to die and then eat you.
  3. This is why dogs are so much better than cats
    :p :grin: :LOL:
  4. A pet cat has saved four people from a house fire in Cairns, in far north Queensland.
    The cat clawed its sleeping owner's face after his mattress caught fire at 2:00am.
    The man then woke his family, who were able to escape the blaze and call fire authorities.
    Robert White-McFarlane from the Cairns Fire Station says the home received only minor damage, but the blaze was probably started by a cigarette.
    "The occupant was woken by the household cat which was scratching his face alerting him to the ensuing dangers," he said.
    "There were alarms through the house but the smoke saturation hadn't reach the point where they activated the alarms in the adjacent room."

    How do your words taste in your mouth guys?
  5. The cat didn't wake them to say there's a fire lets get outta here, it just wanted a new matress because it's sleep had been interupted! :p
    But you can read it your way if you want........... :oops: :LOL:
  6. It was the cat that put the lit cigarette on the mattress in the first place.

    Dogs have masters, Cats have slaves.
  7. What would a human know about the motivations of a cat trapped in a burning house??? The cat had been woken by the smoke and heat and was trying to wake its captor up so it could be fed; what else does a cat do when first woken up :LOL:???
  8. The cat wasn't trying to wake him......he thought he was already dead and was trying to eat him.
  9. My dog thinks hes human, my cat thinks hes god.
  10. How the begguck else was the cat going to get out? Besides cats like their meet raw.
  11. bloody hell! a friend of netrider heinz gudarian wrote that an emailed it to us years ago. her name is jenny pizzica, she rides a honda 400.


    my cat went out and got me some cigarettes! beat that!
  12. Only because it know it will kill you eventually
  13. I'm fairly certain my cat is well into the planning stages of a rather bloody coup. :shock:

    < ---------- Looks mean, doesn't he? :LOL: