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Pets on bikes...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Ive been bugged into asking... and despite a couple of completely fruitless searches... here goes... :p.

    Say for a moment you have a dog, perhaps a minature fox terrier like mine... and a missus who would just love to be able to dress the poor boy up in doggles and stuff him in a bag of some sort and take him for a ride... :-s

    Anyone have any ideas about a bag etcetcetc?
    Ive googled away but found very little of relevance to Australia (eg is it even legal to have an animal on a motorbike? aside from a trailer perhaps...??? in NSW that is :p)... so if anyone has any pointers, or advice on how to make the missus forget this idea :p, please share away...
  2. It's illeagal to carry animals between the rider and the handle bars/on the tank, if you have a rack that you can bolt an animal carrier/box to then you can carry them in that I'm pretty sure.
  3. I'm living in a small town at the moment, and there is a guy a couple of doors up that takes his dog everywhere around town with him. He has an old Yamaha cafe racer, and his dog sits between him and the tank. The dog does not have any protection or harnesses that I'm aware of, he just sits there.

    The local constabulary know of this (Towns population is only ~2000) and wave at him when he rides past.

    I for one would love to take my dog for rides, but I'm afraid he would freak out and jump off the bike.
  4. search for bundy and tex, on here and google......

    bundy has done a lot of km's on the tank of a busa, and seen speeds a large portion of riders haven't (y)
  5. I think the last round of law changes saw it illegal to carry an animal on the tank with the exception of farmers and only allowed for a max of 500m ie. between paddocks or something like that.
  6. I saw a little doggie head sticking out of a guys leather saddlebags once. Looked like it was having a good time too.
  7. Hmm ok thanks guys, i was considering modifying an old tank bag, guess thats out for now.
    Then again it could probably be used as a tail bag by the addition of a couple of andy strapz...
    Might amuse myself for a little bit to see if i can coax my dog to hop in the bag :p.
    Hes gulliable but not that much...
  8. Baby sling?
  9.  Top
  10. ATGATT for a dog is a bit tricky. My dog would love to go for a ride but I can't in good conscience take her in case we have an off.
  11. I was thinking about gear... i think a dog is more at risk of tumbling then sliding. Not much one can do about that except use a nice thick padded bag. Unless the bike ends up on top of the bag, the dog has a pretty good chance of being ok, if shaken and never going near a bike again.
  12. And you don't need to worry about a helmet, 'cos most dogs are solid bone from the neck up :D.

    Seriously though, I've known a few dogs with coats that would probably offer good protection in a slide. Impact is another matter though.
  13. As much as I would love my dog to experience the joy of being on the open road... I would absolutely hate myself if anything happened to her!!...:?
  14. This is now illegal because Brumby knows whats best for you and your pets.
  15. To be fair that rule was put in place as part of a national effort to standardise road rules.
  16. who cares if it's illegal.
    if you get picked up just deny it's your dog.
    deny everything, what dog?
    or just make shit up "fluffy is having a doggie heart attack and we're on our way to dog hospital
    dumbass law anyway, doubt anyone has or ever will get pinged for it.
    shit even if you did get a fine, just mail them a old bone, sign it with a paw print

    just for being on a bike, you will get pulled over.
    you need to get into athe habbit of denying everything.
    always have an out, a backup plan, an escape route of sorts if you are guilty.
    'name, address, phone number and No i was'nt < that's it, say nothing else
  17. hey, i found the BEST website a while ago for the coolest doggy bags. i wanna buy one later so my hot mutt can ride on the back. it basically is a ventura bag that has a hole in the top of the bag just big enough for the head and neck to stick out of, and a tie at the bottom of the bag just in case to tie the leash onto...

    they were REALLY expensive, like $600 or more - i've been trying to find it on google for AGES, but no luck??

    can anyone find it for me?? please!? xxx hols
  18. or, just teach your dog to ride!!

  19. i'd wager that's photo shopped?
  20. nah it's fully real!