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Petrol tank is off.... what else should I do?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Paulie, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Hey All,

    Just a quick question. I have taken my petrol tank off to get a rust issue resolved and I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of anything else..maintenance or anything that I may aswell do/look at whilst the bike is without side fairings and petrol tank?

    (I feel bored not riding and need something to do that is bike related) And I just thought that since the bike is in a few pieces would be a good time to dust/clean the frame and make it pretty

  2. General maintenance stuff. Look for missing items, check for split cables or fuel lines, loose wires, anything that looks to be out of place. Check condition of air cleaner element and fluid in battery. Lube throttle mechanism with WD40 and make sure everything is working smoothly.
  3. plugs
    air filter
    lube cables

    how many k's has it got?
  4. its done abot 52,000kms dude, but it was supposedly rebuilt last year, A few bike mechanics have told me it sounds very healthy, Not 100% of the history because the girl I bought it off her boyfriend was a bike mechanic and she said he built the bike for her so everything is new..... but of course no reciepts
  5. depending how enthusiastic you are:
    - carb clean/tune
    - valve clearances
    - change oil + filter
    - change coolant
    - check/lubricate cables (throttle and clutch)
    - replace hydraulic fluids (brakes, maybe clutch)
    - new fuel filter
    - clean/oil or replace air filter
    - remove front sprocket cover and clean

    - adjust suspension (probably just rear preload)
    - change fork oil (havent tried this yet)

    if you're really bored and have an ugly brown exhaust:
    - remove the whole exhaust and polish it :D

    though I guess a lot of those wont apply if your bike is well maintained and just rebuilt :)