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Petrol Station Woes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by koma, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Just on my way back from the Pre-Xmas Shopping Nite (cheers to all who hosted that; got one of my friends a bargain, now she's off to buy her bike)... coming down the Eastern at the end of the tank, and flipped over to reserve which got me to the next servo (which i religiously do).

    Pulled in and decent price, no tanker anywhere in sight... so go to my usual spot right near the door. Now here's the question of etiquete commonly dicsussed; remove helmet or not. Well i do do it every single time without fail just as a sign of, well respect for the poor bugger who i dont wanna make his life any harder. No problem so far.

    Pop the cap and grab the bowser to start filling up; the usual waiting period occurs before they push the button on whatever it is they do... and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. I turn round to see the guy in the servo and he's waving his arms at me! WTF, i want petrol... i NEED petrol; ive taken off my lid, now GIVE ME PETROL!

    He's not showing any signs of turning the bowser on, so i get off the bike and come in to see what the deal is; to which he tells me im NOT ALLOWED TO FILL UP THE BIKE WHILST SITTING ON IT! :?
    Of course i ask why... and he pointed to the camera or something as if i was getting hostile... then began to explain that its an O.H.S thing and that if im sitting on the bike i might spill petrol on the bike and myself, setting myself, the bike, and the petrol station on fire.

    I try to explain to him that i need to see into the tank to fill it up; else i WILL spill petrol on the bike, possibly myself, and possibly all over the petrol station... :roll: He's not budging at all, so i ask him is it now policy to make everyone in a car get out of the car before filling up with petrol incase the same thing happens? To which he ponders for a moment, then responds no. Sick of this, i walk back outside and do my best at judging how much i can put in without tilting the bike vertically, and without being able to get a decent view of whats in the tank.

    Go back inside to pay for it and grumble a little more, to which im offered a 'Customer Feedback' form. I accepted, leaving him pondering if perhaps the rule was perhaps a little stupid, and if occupants of a car should evacuate for O.H.S aswell.

    For everyones info, the petrol station was the Shell on the left; citybound after just coming off the Eastern Fwy onto Alexandra Pde.
    ...and there i was thinking i was being a nice friendly helpful (and honest person) by taking my helmet off without being asked and actually intending on PAYING for the petrol. Hmph.

    /end Rant.
  2. Heya,

    Yeah it's the same here... get off ya bike.. I just hold it up or put it on the centre stand

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. my mate was filling up his car while talkin on his mobile and the bloke turned the bowser off, probly cause of all that "phone make petrol go boom now"
    just give him the finger one ur way to another servo
  4. I know that most petrol stations have stickers at the bowsers...you know the ones with pictures in circles with a line through it.

    One is no naked deyago....oh, sorry...naked flame :p
    Another is no electrical devices,
    No children uder the age of 15 to fill the car,
    No sitting on motorcycle while filling is another.

    I think Shell do have brochures available giving more detailed information on using their petrol.

    :D :D :D
  5. Hey people, ever worked in a servo? It can really suck! The rules are there for a reason. Oh, and yes, mobile phones can make fuel vapour ignite. I have seen it. These people are trained to do a certain job. Just let them do it. Some of the rules seem a little anal but hey, aren't most rules like that? Peace.

    Stew :)
  6. What sort of bike do you have that you need to have it physically upright and vertical in order to see where the petrol is?

    None of my bikes have ever had this problem.

    In any case, consider Shell's view. It needs to reduce its risk, given that you, as its customer, is handling dangerous goods.

    Besides, I've seen a few of the lads nearly tip their bikes over as they lean over to get the nozzle out of the bowser.

    Personally, I'd rather risk spilling fuel over the tank rather down my crotch....
  7. Bugger that. It would be another servo for me.
    Why treat me like an incompetant fool that cant fill up a tank while sitting on the bike.
    Dont get me started on taking the helmet off either.

    But hey, thats just me. Lets not turn this thread into an argument as well :)
  8. The guy at my local servo explained it as such

    If your sitting on the bike and fuel should spill and come in contact with something hot enough to ignite it, you have no escape. But if your standing near you have a chance to leap away
  9. So you wanna be an idividual hey! "do you see any shit on the end of this stick mate, not this end Sir"?
  10. i dont know about you guys, but the thought of spilling petrol on my nuts is enuff to get me the hell offa my bike. i got petrol in my eyes once, probly stung more than it would on the privates, but i have a healthy respect now. imagine it soaking through your undies while you can do nothing but wait till it evaporates :shock:

    thats one thing i'm not taking a chance with :LOL:
  11. I've got a Yammy FZR250, and whilst i can see into the tank its the familiarity of filling it up at a particular angle that ive gotten used to. It was more of an inconvenience that i would have to have my head ridiculously close to the tank and suck in the fumes whilst trying to see. The petrol station (or where i parked) was lit but at the wrong angle for filling up a bike.

    I wasnt actually aware that there were stickers saying 'no sitting on bike whilst filling it up'. Will have to keep an eye out next time. Ive seen the mobile phone ones, and whilst it is POSSIBLE to arc due to the frequencies in a mobile phone... lets just say atmospheric conditions would have to be just right.

    I'm usually extremely courteous to people who work in all manner of dull/monotonous jobs; i have worked in similar jobs and know how much nicer your day can be if a few people stop, have a chat, and wish you a nice day. Hence why i always take my helmet off.

    On the way back from the supermarket tonite (in my cage) i stopped off at another servo to put fuel in the guzzler and asked the guy at that servo if he had a problem with it, or if there was anything that said not to. He said that he see's more stupid people filling (or attempting to fill) up with LPG, and idiots pulling the bowser out of the car with it still running than he has ever seen a motorcyclist do something equivalently stupid.

    I think i was so annoyed by the even that i felt it necessary to vent, hence thanks for reading my rant.
  12. coming from the uk where this isnt even an issue i always stay on the bike unless i am told to get off then i usually go to another servo instead, although i have found you dont usually get this problem at caltex or mobil servos
  13. Great balls of fire, roasted nuts, boiled eggs, roasted meat balls :LOL: anyone got any others?
  14. Flamin nuts :roll:
  15. hop of the bike , fill up , pay for it , cover your rego and flash your nuts at the camera to show them you havent fried them and leave quickly :LOL:
  16. I have only ever had this issue at BP and Shell servos
    no problem at the local Caltex
    and I get 4c/litre off after shopping at safeway...... :LOL:
  17. I get off the bike to fill up and lean the bike on the side stand and fill from either side.

    Eventually you're going to have to get off the bike to pay for the fuel so I never saw the point of staying on the bike and stretching to reach the pump and then cramping up yourself to try and fill the tank. Plus I'd prefer to leave a bit of space in the tank for expansion of the fuel in hot weather. and having the bike on the side stand should allow enough room for that.
  18. One of the reasons I try and always go to Mobil. Use the CRIPS system (card read in pump) and the attendant has no control at all in stopping you fuel your bike by any method you want to.

    OH&S my ass. I see nozzles over-fill without cutting off and splash back into the guy/gal standing beside their car enough times to have anecdotal thinking that this occurs far more than riders spilling. They're making such a major problem/reaction to what is such an extremely minor problem/risk, that I take my business elsewhere because I just can't be bothered dealing or patronaging their silliness.
  19. No way I'd ever risk putting in cheap imported petrol in my bike :?

    Sorry but as I read it I am thinking "I bet this poor bugger went to a Shit Servo, sorry typo I mean a Shell Servo" and sure enough, further down the post you mentioned it.


    I NEVER go to Shell because of this reason and the Craptimax fuel as well. When it first happened to me they had NO STICKERS. I was meant to be a mind reader. fcuk em. BP, Caltex and Mobil gets all our money now.

    Its a stupid stupid stupid OHS regulation. Just like ya must turn ya mobile off, yeah wotever.