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Petrol Station "Get off the bike"

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by oohsam, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hey guys.
    Filled up my bike for the first time ever today. I was sitting on the bike Bike was off. But had it upright. I assumed taht being upright i could fill it up a little more than leaning on its side. The attendent turned off the pump as i was filling it she goes "GET OFF THE BIKE" and i read her lips.

    When I went in I apologised and told her it was my first time etc etc and aasked her why Thi sis how it went down.

    Her:Its for your own safety
    Me:Realy? how so
    Her:Incase it spills on you. Its more prone to spill on u if you overfill
    Me:-Ok, I see, how is taht dangerous though
    Her:It could ignite
    Me:eek:h, I see, how so?
    Her:Your bike heats up and could catch fire on you
    Me:Really? But what if it overfills and sprays me like when it happens on my car? or if im standing next to my bike..
    Her: You're not sitting on ur engine though
    Me:eek:h....Yah but you need more than a warm engine to ignite my jacket
    Her: Thats just the rules ok
    Me: No, I understand, thanks for th heads up, You guys should add that to the list of stickers of "things you cant do while filling up" like the "dont talk on fone, turn off engine" etc. Becuase I didnt know that
    Her: Ok i'll tell the big guys

    The convo wasnt rude/abrupt, I just wanted answers becuase ive seen so many guys do this and it looks normal to me. Maybe im wrong, im a noob after all...but i think its harmless. Spehsilaly that I can see how full the tank is and i can stop it when i like....

    Is this normal or did I have a moron attendt?
  2. It's normal. In the unlikely (but not impossible) event the bike catches on fire it's going to be a hell of a lot easier to get away from the flames standing next to the bike than if you're sitting on it. Also putting the stand down earths the bike, eliminating the possibility of static - something rubber soled boots won't do. Heat from the engine isn't the problem, it's the static electricity caused by the flowing fuel and synthetic clothing that's capable of causing an explosion (and there are documented cases of that occurring).
  3. Not sure if she expressed her understanding of the rule in the most polite way, but anyhow. It's a very common rule - almost every station I've been to says "No filling while seated on bike".

    I'd speculate that the main reason is more that if a fire does start, climbing off the bike may take some time, and you may even knock the bike over as you jump off, spilling petrol everywhere. Which is on fire. Bad situation.

    Maybe static risks too (a big cause of car-filling-up fires... Someone filling up the car climbs into the vehicle, builds up a charge, climbs out of the vehicle and discharges on the trigger of the nozzle - instant fire, wahey!).

    Edit: Oh, hi JD. :) Beat me to it!
  4. Ok makes sense!..Its not a big deal but I guess i was just curious. Thanks fellaz/girls.
  5. You're sitting on the bike, so some petrol spills on tank, hang on, your crotch is up against the tank - you still don't think it's dangerous :?
  6. His crotch may be something NOT worth saving ??? :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Oohsam may be in to the Burning Ring of Fire thing? :p
  8. +1 on the crotch danger :LOL:

    I go into my local mobil with my helmet on alot (I only ever go there if I'm running late as my preferred servo is further away) and most times they tell me to take my helmet off or at least snub me off. I usually have my music playing so I just nod and give the thumbs up. Last time I went in they made me take my helmet off before they served me. I said I come in every week, do you really think I'm going to rob you? As I was paying the guy muttered some crap saying that a ranger would fine me hundreds of dollars. I asked would I also receive a fine if my religion required me to wear a mask? I told him yeah mate good luck with that, then left.
  9. Nothing to do with catching fire, whats the difference if youre standing next to it or sitting on it when it goes up.

    They are worried about you doing a runner.
  10. Whatever. If you want petrol, you'll get off the bike; it won't run on air, and every oil company AND the independents have the same 'rules of the house'...
  11. This issue crops up from time to time. Last time I think it went for twenty million or so pages.

    Thing is, as others have said if something happens, you're balancing a bike, you have a hazardous and highly flammable material spewing everywhere. You lose your balance. You and the bike fall over. You could be trapped under the bike.

    Another thing to consider. Servos have public liability insurance. Its in their interest to ensure that their customers refuel in the safest possible manner. Then there are the various state authorities such as Worksafe here in Victoria that would jump on them from a great height if an accident occured and such risks weren't managed properly.

    Finally, you get absolutely bugger all extra fuel into the tank that you won't even notice any extra range from it. And you do need to get off the bike at some stage so you can go in and pay for it. Might as well do it during the filling process. Safer and just as convenient.
  12. Have you even listened to what people have said in this thread?
  13. i would imagine it would be safer off the bike...you dont fill up a car from the drivers seat :)
  14. Obviously depends on your bike, on my vstrom I get an extra 1-1.3L in by having my bike upright and giving a bit a shake.... thats about an extra 20kms which means I only need to fill up at the start of each week (just gets me over the line!).

    Weird comment. Read the posts above, it makes a huge difference.
  15. I get less that 200ml extra in mine :eek:
    I go to the local Mobil and swipe the card at the pump.
    I take my gloves off though.
  16. I can get almost 1L more on mine when it's upright - when you have a bike that has one of the smallest tanks in the world every drop counts.

    The guys ay my local are pretty good - they don't even make me take my helmet off
  17. How fast can you do the standing hundred with a flaming bike between your legs?

    :p :p :p

    I use the centre stand when filling the K, but that's less to do with the fact that I can get more in it than the fact that if you park an early K100 on the side stand without having tipped it to the right for about 20 seconds first, oil leaks down past the piston rings when on the side stand. The start up afterwards is very (cough) smokey.

    There are a handful of good reasons not to fill when sitting. I have accidentally ended up with ULP splashing up into my face and eyes. It was entirely my own doing, but to say it stings is an understatement. I am glad I only had to put the hose back in the pump with my eyes closed, not do that and safely dismount.

    You could be nudged by a car (like that has never happened to anyone!).

    Also, petrol "in a private place" tends to sting a little too... DAMHIK!
  18. Damn technology is moving so fast I can't keep up... I still have to read the forum... what program do you have where it "speaks" to you? :)
  19. :?
    did anyone read, understand, and absorb jd's post?
    it outlines the only reason the rule was introduced across the board.

    we have the same rules when decanting bitumen/kero/etc. in fact top-loading (filling from the top of the tank, allowing it to flow freely to the bottom) is completely outlawed. you would not believe the static generated by falling liquid.
  20. Yeah but they also dont make the passengers get out of the car when filling it up either.

    Wonder what they would say if you put the bike on the stand and started filling up with a passenger on the back?

    Double standards if you ask me.

    Ive only ever been told to get off the bike once and i shook my head at the bloke and rode off. I was still wearing my helmet at this stage, whilst filling up. Generally, i take my helmet/gloves/backpack off and put them on the ground while i fill up sitting on the bike. Have never been told to get off the bike whilst doing that.

    Makes me think the "rule" may have a little more to do with "doing a runner" than they let on.