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Petrol: Regular or Premium Unleaded?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by glipschitz, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. I have read around that the Premium stuff (Optimax, BP Ultimate, Mobil 8000) is better to use in the bikes than regular unleaded.

    Personally I only use Optimax in my vehicle, and the car runs all the better for it. (2001 AUII Futura Station Wagon)

    I get better K's off a tank, and find that my mate who works at Ford and does all my servicing, says that it certainly makes them cleaner.

    What is the deal with bikes tho??

    To use or not to use, that is my question.

  2. Its an old and ongoing question... IMHO optimax is poison. Mobil or bp premium fuels work great in my gixxer and regular unleaded is still better than shell.
  3. Do a search, been covered ad nauseam.
  4. Had a read in some of the old forums before posting originally

    Few different opinions....

  5. i was informed dont use optimax only use mobil 8000 and bp ultimate and i do agree that it does the job. shell optimax is to thick and will destroy your plugs. thats my two cents!
  6. i use Optimax in my 636 and have not had a problem, as with most '04+ bikes they run just fine on it.
    Older bikes i would'nt put optimax near em, i use reg unleaded in my 750 and BP PULP in my neighbours Bussa.
  7. i just bought an 04 636 and the saleman, who was an ex racer, told me not to use optimax in my bike because it is too dense, any other premium fuel is ok
  8. you will find if you read the owners manual the 636 is tollerant to Optimax, also down the track you will find literally everyone uses Optimax in there 636 regardless of build date trying to chase that elusive extra 1hp :)
  9. you really need to get the bike jetted (carby) or tuned (efi) to get any real benefit from high octane fuels...

    I roughly adjusted mine and it runs delightfully on optimax.. before tuning it ran terribly rich and would barely start/idle
  10. My research showed that optimax is not recommended for carbie bikes.

    I've found the BP premium to be the best in my bike so far, better than the standard unleaded I've tried. Tas has a bad reputation for fuel quality and finding a servo with reasonably consistent fuel is more important than brand I feel.

    Can't comment on anything over 95 octane, it's just not available from the bowsers in Tas.

  11. Optimax in my '93 CBR600....not good. Haven't touched it since. I run the Duke on Mobil or BP. If those aren't available, I run regular of anything I can get. The only time that happens is long trips.

    :D :D :D
  12. if horsepower is what you want get yourself an exhaust system, air filter and power comander, that will give you an extra 15hp, don't waste your time with 1hp increases!
  13. I have a 95 Honda CBR1000. I run it on Shell fuels, mainly cos I got a Shell card. However, I've ran it on Optimax, Vortex, BP Ultimate, Mobil's PULP and most brands of ULP. I have to say that I found nothing between them in either power, economy or smoothness.

    On my previous bike, a 1990 Kawasaki ZZR1100, it would ping under load if I ran it on ULP. It ran fine on any brand of PULP. But, with the pinging aside, there was no discernable difference in either power or economy. In fact, I got the best economy between Canberra, Cann River and home in the Latrobe Valley, averaging around 55 mpg (or about 310 kays to reserve) running on ULP, mainly cos I couldn't get PULP.

    As for the car, I run a late model Commodore V8. It doesn't care whether it runs on ULP or PULP. Performance and fuel consumption are the same. Only difference is the increased fuel bill.
  14. I agree
    one tank of Opticrap destroyed a set of plugs on my (carbied) 750
    so i use anything but..... the BP and Mobil seem the best
    but given as the bike is happy on normal ULP
    and gives the same mileage ..I save $$$money

  15. I agree
    my 235kw V8 SS is happy on ULP
    so i don't use PULP at all, saves$$

  16. I only ever run my 1993 Lancer GSR on PULP. I'm in Tasmania, and our fuel is shit.
    I used to run PULP in my 2001 XR250, the guys at Honda here told me to stop.
  17. Use what works for you.

    The CBR250RR and the ZX6R loved optimax.

    The SP1 ran like a paraletic pigmy on the stuff. It only liked Synergy 8000.

    The price difference is usually 10c a litre more, so at 18 litres it's only $1.80 more each time you fuel up.
  18. Topic is covered a many times, so I'll give you the jist of it. Premium is always good for your bike. Secondly, with Optimax you get alot who say there's nothing wrong with it, and some who wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. My conclusion, there's just too many people who have problems with it to risk having it in my bike.

    So good PULP are BP Ultimate 98, and Mobile Synergy 8000. Mobil is definately preferable.
  19. I only run Mobil Synergy 8000 in the Daytona and never had a problem with it..

    As for Optimax I have seen some bike run on it fine while other bike run like pigs on it. I have never put it in my bike to see what it would run like. Cant see the point when there is so many Mobil servos around and the bike loves Synergy..
  20. I was told by the Honda service guys don't use Optimax or Safeway premiun unleaded used Mobil, BP or Caltex. I normally put the Mobil premium unleaded in my CB250, don't know what the trade name is but I think it's the purple bowser at the pump.