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Petrol price

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Markus_15, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Was I just robbed? And all evidence of such pricing before our very eyes. I filled up my kwaka and my coffee and doughnut went into someone else's pockets? Brisbane , price of petrol around 121.9 two days ago; today it is about 147.9! How can price increase by nearly 30% instantaneously? When I add that up with the family cage, it is around 40 dollar difference for weekly fuel. I doubt and as it seems to have proved itself over the years, that swollen heads would do anything about it, hey at least their spreadsheets look good. All I could suggest is, "bike up", ditch the cage, ride to work and what you save by using your bike, spend on yourself, your family and where possible support our local communities, local farmers selling their produce or your local coffee place as the very least. Cheers.

  2. Get a electric bike
  3. I don;'y mind the electric bike.
    But handing over your testicles for the key is a bit much.:angelic:
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  4. Come to Melbourne mate. Prices average around $1.40. I'd love it to be 1.20. Then the coffee comes around 3.80 for a "large". I'd say you're doing alright up there. You still have good weather.
  5. Is it me or does that maths come out to 21%? Thats nowhere near 30%.

    If you are going to rant you shoukd get your facts straight..
  6. Petrol has always cycled up and down on a highly variable basis, often within the period of a week - what you're describing is nothing new.
  7. You could always just stay under 2000RPM!

    That's got to save 50c a week!

    At the end of the month....there's your doughnut!
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  8. pedal to work and earn your doughnuts? :D
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  9. Or just become a cop. Get all the donuts you want
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  10. Our UK petrol works out around 2.5 of your Austalian Dollars per litre.
    It would cost me $48 to fill my bike up from empty.

    On the bright side, I can get 5 donuts for around a dollar.
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  11. I fill the car up at the lowest point of the cycle - and two 20 litre jerry cans. That keeps the bikes going for up to 3 weeks if needed. Just repeat at the next low point.
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  12. Thanks, I ride about 150k per day so it can add up. Might start doing that with the bike but the cage as well. Cheers
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  13. I live in a small country town and as the only major servos are BP and Caltex, they get to ramp the prices up as much as they like. I paid close to $1.60 a litre today.. fuel light had just come on and cost me $23.50 to fill (04 CBR1000RR). Guess I'm kind of getting good at ignoring the prices, until I head out of town and pay up to .10-.20 cents less.
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  14. Consider yourself lucky. In Rockhampton, you pay $1.46 per litre for regular unleaded, around $1.60 for premium and price stays the same for months.
  15. I share your same feel mate, it's surprising how easy it is to clock 150-200+km in a day and not really notice. I usually fill up at least once a day and sometimes twice if i'm really flogging the back on some back roads... Prices here aren't that nice either.

    Wish unleaded was as cheap as LPG, it almost makes me cry when i fill up my car and think about my bikes.
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  16. What's really funny, The petrol prices will go up in Melbourne on some random day, say Thursday this week. This week they went from $1.20 to $1.40 .
    I can get on the bike, ride fifteen minutes to a service station out of Melb and the price will remain at the country rate, which is normally about 10c dearer than our cheapest price, but could be 20c cheaper than our new high price.
    If you can hang on to fill up until you're out of the metro area you could save a few bucks. Especially on a full tank in the car.
  17. Thanks, I had no these price problems when rode vtr 250, this time I am on 21 l tank just about fuelling up every 2 / 3 days . Yeah beats me that prices can jump like that? Br
  18. It's called "That's how we gouge the public with petrol pricing and neither you nor the government can do anything about it"
  19. I can run my cage on E85, but the price in Melbourne when you find it is ridiculous. If I see one servo price go p, the next one with the "old" price gets my business. As for the Bike, the price difference for 17 liters of petrol I don't even bother checking the pump price.
  20. I ride motorcycles, so I don't take much notice of the price of fuel. I do have a 30 litre fuel tank, so it may cost me around $50 to fill it, but i manage around 700km out of it :)

    Here in Wagga Wagga, fuel just remains high, doesn't fluctuate in price like in the capital cities, so we never have a chance to buy it when it's at a low.
    But on the flip side, it minimized the price shock when I paid over $2 per litre when I travel out in central Australia, at the time it was around $1.85 per litre here in Wagga :)

    What does puzzle me though, is 'how' surrounding towns can sell it cheaper than here in Wagga, when it all comes from the same fuel depot located here????