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petrol lifespan?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bigfella, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. Hey all, long time viewer, first time poster!

    I am what would be called a very occaisonal rider, time limitations with work but just can't part with my beloved blade, and have a question that may have ben asked and answered but i'll ask it anyways..... does petrol have a life span?

    As I said i would be lucky to ride the bike once every two months (sad but true) so it sits in the garage under its cover waiting for me to at least kick it over to get the juices flowing. Problem is that the juices haven't run in over two months and now she will not start for the life of me. All I get is the old burble and fart from the pipe and a run down battery.

    Is it worth while draining the tank and getting fresh petrol in it to start with? I have read a few other posts and starting to drain carby's et al really is starting to look like my next step
  2. Yep the common problem for everybody now that does not ride everday.

    Welcome to the forums by the way lots of fun to be had here

    What i have done now is use a product call fuel extenda after some body else recommended it to me got some off my local lawn mower man of all places and it works a treat 3 months now and not a problem as you now know most modern fuels have a life of about 6 weeks before the aromatics seem to burn off and leave you with no go fuel.

    For the battery i use a trikle charger permanately attached to the battery got mine from Kmart protecta brand around 45 bucks same battery now for three years and still cranks like the day i got it

    Good luck

    Its a great place here on netrider
  3. I used to get problems with stale petrol and foulded plugs, when I left the bike for more than a couple of weeks. Less than that should be fine.

    Once I did get it started and warmed up, I used to switch to reserve for a few k's, so to run any water out of the tank. Just don't forget to turn it back off.

    Also, if you are leaving it for a bit, make sure you keep an eye on surface rust inside the tank.

    If you are using a non-sealed battery, it won't last very long like this. They don't like being run down without being charged. Get a sealed type.
  4. I think you will find the main issue is a run down battery hasn't got enough go in it to kick over the motor, if the bike has been sitting for a few months. The fuel should still be strong enough to create a burn. The issue with the fuel is that it loses it's effectiveness and it's octaine rating starts to drop. This then cauese issues with the motor as far as the A/F mixtures go.
  5. yep, well I finally got back into the garage this arvo to have a play with the bike, got the dam thing started! I've an awful feeling that on my last outing I may have forgotten to turn the fuel tap off, and the engine/carby may have flooded itself into next week. Anyways thanks for the responses.
  6. You can get an additive for your petrol to stop it from gumming up and keeps it fresh for upto 2 or so years
  7. Hey mate and welcome to the club

    If you have petrol your not going to use, you must to share it with us :wink:

    I might even consider swapping a banana for it :LOL: :p

    Ohhhh thats right the banana is worth more :LOL:

    perhaps i can swap a banana for a ducati :roll:

    Have a good one mate
  8. you aren't thinking about that 15,000 litres you nicked are you? :p
  9. going by the "cheapest fuel in oz" aka motor mouth we in Melbourne are being touched up to the tune of 12.6c/l when compared to Brisbane!! WTF? :?
    So they are screwing us in banana prices and petrol prices too!