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Petrol issues

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bluey, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Well, eswen urged me to post this so here goes....

    I was siphoning some petrol into her tank, using a little old garden hose and I managed to swallow a little. Maybe about a small sip as I sucked on the hose.
    Now she thinks i'm gunna DIE.....:eek: :p Nah, she says I look a little pale, and I am getting a little annoyed of my breath stinking of petrol.
    So, whats the verdict, will I live?

    p.s. I'm of the "if I don't wake up in the morning it was bad for me" theory. She want's to know if she get my bike.....for....uh....spares.[/b]
  3. I recomended chocolate but he says he doesnt want any. So I asked if I could have some and he said no :(
    Hes belching flames as i type. Is this bad?
  4. Ps. he said to tell you he doesnt smoke. Which was true, right up untill i lit a lighter right when he belched....
  5. I've done it, it's yuck. You taste it for about a week afterwards and it burns, but he's in no real danger.

    However, you might like to keep him close by for a while, because, if the price of fuel continues to rise as it looks like it will, you may need to siphon the fuel back out of him and put it in the bike.
  6. Don't fart anywhere near the heater.
  7. Thats was the most expensive drink you every had. You will live to ride another day or deliver more mail!....lol
  8. Shouldn't have had those beans for dinner then...
  9. lol at getting the fuel outta him.... at least I got 1/3 of a tank of petrol free today!!
    (he was emptying his tank to try and repair it.)
  10. Nah it wont hurt yah , geeze I shudder at the amount of fuel i've sucked down that way. But yeah for the next few days every time you burp it's guna taste like fuel again .

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:
  11. hey Bob, wanna see a pic ???? ;)
  12. yeah as long as its in good taste !!

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  13. Drink heaps and heaps of milk - worked for me!

    Others recommend lots of beer to make you piss like a toad and get it out of your system??
  14. Milk is better because the fat molecules in it wrap themselves around the molecules of fuel and sorta neutralize it, at least that's what the doc told me.

    When I did it it was on the day that we moved from Canberra to Sydney in 1981 and I rode my 500/4 from Canberra to Sydney with this vile taste in my mouth, an ache in my gut and, as has been noted, every time I burped, which I seemd to be doing all the time, it tasted like petrol.
  15. heh I read that the chemicals in petrol are REALLY bad, even just to get on your hands or to breath in...

  16. Next time try diesel. Much worse for taste.


    I got a mouth full, snorted and I swear it was coming out of my eyes, nose and ears, all at the same time.

    :LOL: :cry:
  17. worse than drinking it, is trying to use it instead of visine :LOL:

    never felt a pain like that, i was changing a fuel line in my old HQ ute and the thing just disintegrated on me (i think it needed a change pretty badly :LOL: ) squirting all over my face. got it in my nose and mouth but you dont notice it when your eyes feel like they're burning out :shock: i've been blinded before, but never that painfully, even shits on flashburn for the pain factor :LOL:
  18. A co-worker lost an eye, literally, when an hydraulic hose exploded and he got hydraulic oil in his eye. The doctors couldn't save the eyeball and he ended up with an artificial eye.

    Everyday products can be very dangerous, and workplace ones sometimes even more so.
  19. Petrol does usually contain benzene which is a known carcinogen though it's probably only really going to be a problem if you're exposed to it fairly regularly (like mechanics who use petrol to clean their hands).