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Petrol in Sydney vs Petrol in Dubbo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Sydney - 138.9c/L
    Bathurst - 132.9c/L
    Dubbo - 126.9c/L

    Something is not right.
  2. Wagga (well the fuel depot where I work) 130.9. We are a 1c or 2 cheaper than most other servo's in town.

    But you're right, that's really strange that Sydney is more expensive than the country.
  3. Ankara (Turkey) - 300.0c/L (average income 900/month)
    Jeddah (Saudi) - 15.0c/L (average income 1800/month)

    Rented a car in Turkey for 2 weeks at AUD 50/day. Filling up the 70 litre tank cost AUD 210.00. I've stopped complaining about petrol prices since then.
  4. Servo I stopped into yesterday to top up (wish I could remember which one/exactly where abouts !) on Westernport Freeway was advertising 98 Octane fuel at 158.9 c/L !!! Approx 11 litres saw me forking out 18$ !!!
    Unbelievable !

    Then again, seeing Ankara's figure above is something else altogether !
  5. that's weird. Doesn't turkey have it's own wells?
  6. Cause Sydneysiders earn more money than Dubbos, Just like Coles/Woolworths in the rich areas charge more for the same products than what they do in Campbeltown / Penrith
  7. They have about enough natural wells to cover the domestic demand like Australia but have an ineffective taxation system so the tax the govt can't make from elsewhere is obtained from the sale of petroleum products.