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petrol in oil

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by clarkie, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Gday was doing service on my bike today and was filling it back up with oil and used all off one bottle of oil then went to get my next bottle but got the wrong one full of fuel for the lawn mower and put about half a cup of fuel in there.](*,) anyway was wondering will it hurt the motor. A mate of mine told me it will burn out,but not sure. was wondering what you guys think?

  2. Don't start motor, drop your oil again, replace with new oil, .
  3. A few drops would be no problem, but half a cup is a lot. Petrol is not a lubricant. It could cause overheating or worse problems. I wouldn't risk it. Drain it.

  4. yeah going to do that in morning drop it and replace oil. better to be safe than sorry
  5. Drain it, or risk a crankcase explosion.
  6. In the days of piston engine airliners, in very cold conditions it was common practice to heavily dilute the oil with fuel to reduce friction so that the engines could be started. As the engines warmed up, the fuel evaporated.
    Taking the bike for a gentle short run and then topping up the oil would probably be OK, but I'd recommend changing the oil again. Use the new/old oil to top up the car or mower.