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N/A | National Petition: Uniform national helmet standard

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by munecito, Dec 24, 2013.

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  1. I had a look at the details and, while it does seem reasonable to clear up some inconsistencies in helmet laws, it still seems to perpetuate the Australian (and NZ) standard business.

    I'd be happier if it extended to the acceptance of euro and possibly yankee standards as legal alternatives.
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  2. We really do need uniform laws on what is and is not required between states. The current state of play is a mess. Even if it's not perfect, consistent laws would at least mean people can know what's required and legal helmets in one state will be legal in all other states.
  3. While I agree with you I am also aware that Aussie shops won't last long if Euro standard was to be accepted.

    I also agree that we get charged through the nose here for everything, but whose fault is it? The government? the shop? the importer? I think we should blame our economy because businesses charge the amount that people can wear.

    I for one order fair a bit of stuff over the net, don't get me wrong, but I also think like having real shops to buy the stuff I need then and there.

    Also, I don't know how many of you have been buying helmets lately but there seems to be some sort of price fixing going on. Every helmet I saw was the same price in every shop I went to and in every Australian internet based shop. Not a cent difference.

    We bought a Xr1100 for my wife. They have just been discontinued and are on sale in every shop and the sale price is always $549 and $579 unless is a last off or similar that go for $499.

    So no matter how much leg work we did. It was the same buying from any shop. And same for the helmet I bought for myself TX-26 $199 in every single shop and also no matter if it is the thh version or the fly version.

    That seems strange to me as the last time I bought a helmet there were price variations between shops.
  4. I am not signing until you add removal of laws.
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  5. The laws are fcuked. But has this actually caused anyone any issues? ....

    Or is it within the realm of reasonability that any problems are just jumped up wanker cops on power trips who would just find something else to book you for?.... In which case fixing the laws is a moot point.
  6. I agree that the Aust standard needs to be abolished and the Snell, dot, etc, used in it's place.
    This would open up the market and could actually be a good thing for bike shops.
    At present they buy off an importer who has an inflated wholesale price due to the standards that the relatively small number of helmets that need to pass this standard combined with a lack of competition.
    Having our helmets in line with those of larger markets would force the importers to supply at a competitive price or lose business as both end users and retailers purchase elsewhere.
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  7. #9 Vertical C, Dec 24, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2013
    Which reply?

    Oh wait it was one after i posted, sorry my time machine is playing up.

    So why sign or even start a thread on some pissweak petition. "All laws are stupid and need repealing" now theres a petition.
  8. Mate while I agree to an extent with your proposed petition. At least this one that I posted was started by Synapse (formerly known as Brain Injury Association of Queensland). They are a non-profit association supporting people with Acquired Brain Injuries.

    I think the petition coming from this kind of association have more chance to be taken into account than any other random petition.

    I thought this would be a good place to post such petition being a motorbikes related forum. But I seem to be mistaken about netrider in more than one account lately.
  9. The aggro in this thread is a perfect example of why such a mess exists in our laws. No government will take such an incoherent group seriously, nor should they.
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  10. It's ridiculous that we can purchase a helmet in one state, and then (possibly) be fined after crossing state borders because the helmet doesn't have the 'correct' stickers for that particular state.
    It's even more ridiculous that stores like Audi can sell non-compliant helmets, and yet it's the biker's fault if we use it.
  11. I'm all for uniformity across States and clarity in the regs.
    I can see merit in arguments for and against allowing OS certified helmets to be permitted. I'd lean towards allowing them in as along as they meet an accepted and qualified safety standard.
  12. What, exactly, are the arguments against allowing the likes of a euro spec helmet to be used in Oz?

    I believe that when the Ozzie standard was first introduced, it made some sense, in that there were lots of helmets available round the world, not many of which were actually tested to a serious standard.

    Now, when there are the likes of the Euro standard, which seems to be a serious standard, seriously "policed", why we have to have our own standard just doesn't make sense any more.
  13. Interesting are the Helmets in one state of a different standard then in other? That would mean that even interstate online shopping could be legal say buy a helmet from NSW to wear in VIC.
    I thought the importers all bought in the same AS1698 standard for every state
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  14. Standards are about consumer protection. If people are happy to have some pencil pusher in The Prague or wherever decide what Aussie consumers can have in Oz then go for it.
    There is very little that separates the standards these days so there is bugger all that needs to be done for a helmet to be certified. Basically it is a check on the paperwork to make sure that the goods are what they are claimed to be. I don't have a problem with that seeing as how the thing is going on my noggin.
  15. why is that any different to having some pencil pusher in Canberra doing the same?
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  16. It's not like the cosy aussie arrangement has protected consumer's wallets now has it?

    That is absolutely total and utter drivel. Local compliancing can cost upwards of $100k. As a result, many of the worlds helmets are not available in Australia - that means that your precious noggin may not be in the best protection that you can afford.
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  17. Even under this petition you still are forced to spend money on a helmet even if it may be cheaper.

    You just want to be fcuked by european or us shops instead of ozzies.

    Why should i be forced to buy a helmet at all? Its my head.
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  18. Until it goes up someone else's arse.
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