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Petition to Stop Speed Limit Reduction on Oxley Hwy

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by V2, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Another stupid decision that has nothing to do with "road safety".
    Stop these clowns ruining all the good riding roads!

    Petition Here

    Background story here


  2. Signed!!
    Stop this bollox, it'll ruin one of the greatest motorcycling roads in Australia.
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  3. I knew nothing about this but as it is from today I guess that is why I hadn't experienced these new speed limits...
    Stupid revenue raising move! Pity they resurfaced the road...should have left the old speeds with the crapola road...slowed you down anyway!! Now good surface with limited speeds ... :devil:
    Petition signed.
  4. Signed.
  5. Perthiticy stupid desigion made by those with zero insight into road safety.I wish I had there power to inpact there recreasioal persuits, baning tidly winks would reduce there other wrist injuring persuts. Wankers
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  6. At least you spelt 'Wankers' right.............. :whistle:
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  7. Chrome spell check is almost as bad a speller as me,it gives you 1 option and with my spelling that's far from enough.Doesn't help having a vokabulary,little joke, way bigger than the ability to spell it.
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  8. signed and comment added.
    How does the NSW govt know I just bought a Honda crf 250L?
    You bastards I'm not planning to ride the bloody Oxley on it and so I don't need your help keeping up with the big boys!
    Insert images of shaking fist at the sky here......!
  9. Morons. We keep letting them run our government departments and ruining our lives.
  10. Signed
    Where will this madness end?
  11. I just saw on Facebook some of its going down to 60 kph.Better stop those speeding pushbikes causing all that carnage.
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  12. #16 CraigA, Sep 19, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2016

    Yes that report is interesting alright The12thDoctorThe12thDoctor !

    During the study period, the majority of accidents involved locals, and over half of the fatal accidents were between Tamworth and Gunnedah. No wonder they want to drop the speed limit between Long Flat and Walcha, some 200-300klms away from the black spot!
    Whats more, no motorcyclists were killed between 2008 and 2012.
    I love the recommendations section too. I wonder if any, other than speed limit drops and increased enforcement will actually be taken up?

    A the end of the day, the report is a load of shit, written by the state government to suit their agenda. The stats are used to skew the results to show what they want it show. Its not worth the paper its written on!
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  13. Please click on the following to support a brave gay pirate as he struggles to find his testicles (petition). Have not been seen since he was a wee lad. If found, please return to Ulysses (reward offered). The science behind testicle loss is a bit of a buzzkill, but I encourage you to read up on the symptoms if you feel a loved-one is becoming a fag. Symptoms may include buying an overweight fuel-injected cruiser, reading road safety reviews and a sudden affinity with pirate symbols.
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  14. Signed and donated.
    Real Science is almost always countered with some more real science.The start of risky activities begins with your first breath and pretty soon you have your last so the never ending saving of ourselves from ourselves
    by lazy governments need's to have some resistance or we can just give up and let computers transport us safely from A to B as must be the final outcome if we do nothing.
  15. In other breaking news, 99.9% of netriders will die in the next 80 years! OMG! This internet usage must be a dangerous! Might have to ban it or slow down the speed of it too!
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  16. Up there with the best responses Ive ever seen, I salute you (y)