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QLD Petition to preserve motorsport tracks

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by V2, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. http://motorbikewriter.com/petition-preserve-motorsport-tracks/

    Worth a signature! I go to Lakeside. If they shut that again, its a long ride to Morgan Park!

    It's bullshit anyway - if a track is up and running then some developer buys the land around it cheap due to it being near a track, its completely wrong they can then get the track shut down because the residents don't like the noise! Its a scam by the residents who knew full well there would be track noise to get the track closed just to raise there property value!

    There should be some sort of land zoning where potential residence are fully aware there may be some track noise - and its there to stay! Be a great location to build a school for the deaf!
  2. Sadly, this is too late for us Sydney folk.

    The annoying bit is that people see race tracks purely as weekend hoon sites, and forget that race tracks are the idea places for car driving and bike riding training.
  3. It might be wrong, but that's what happened to Amaroo Park (Annangrove residents) and Oran Park (marijuana millionaires)......
  4. Quite ironic - first they tell 'freaking hoons, get off our roads, go to the race track and die there'. And then they close race tracks.
    Does it mean motorcycles will be allowed to break speed limits on public roads? If there are no tracks, what is the other option?
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  5. Land rezoning is one of the great historical political perks. It's one of the main reasons people have donated to political parties over many years. Your best bet is to get some very rich people with an interest in motorsport on your side, cause they sure as hell don't care what we plebs think.
  6. This petition got a mention by the RACQ in their email newsletter, too. I signed it for all the reasons mentioned above by others.