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Petition Pushing for Motorcycle Access to the M2 Bus Lanes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fasteddie, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. M2_ysmall2-485x478.

    I came across this info from the Parramatta Mall event yesterday. Most of us would just accept that we can't access the M2 bus lane because that's the way it is. Not good enough Minister.

    If it's good enough for Epping Road, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Victoria Road etc, then why not the M2


    From http://ridetowork.org.au/?page_id=203

    Petition – Motorcycle Access to M2 Bus Only Lanes


    In November 2009, the then Minister for Transport and Roads was asked why Motorcycles and Scooters were not permitted in the M2 Bus Only Lane, even though the RTA allows Taxis and Hire Cars. The formal response received in February 2010 was that it was a safety issue and that Safety Audits had shown that motorcycles entering and leaving the M2 Bus Only lane represented an unacceptably high risk.

    This was a lie.

    In February 2010, an Freedom of Information (FOI) request was submitted seeking those safety audits. In April, those safety audits were received; none even dealt with motorcycles or scooters, let alone stating that this was a safety risk. Someone has misled the public. It could be Transport NSW, someone within the RTA or even the Minister himself. We wrote back in April raising this issue and in May 2010 received a polite “The matters raised by you have been noted and are presently receiving attention.” response.

    The prior Minister for Roads and Transport then very publicly fell on his sword (M2 access not the only untruth in the closet…)

    No response was subsequently received, so we wrote again to the new Minister for Transport.

    In July, the recently reinstated CEO of the RTA (having taken the fall for the prior Minister over the F3 debacle) replied to our questions.

    Apparently, the reason that motorcycles and scooters cannot use the M2 Bus Only Lane (whereas Taxis and Hire Cars can) is because feedback from the bus drivers using the M2 Motorway consider the ingress and egress of motorcycles into and out of their lane an unacceptably high risk to buses and motorcycles. Allowing Taxis on the other hand is considered to deliver a “significant benefits as a public transport option”.

    Let’s consider the arguments here:

    ■“…taxis provide significant benefits as a public transport option.”
    ■How many of the public forced to take public transport can afford a taxi for the length of the M2?
    ■Use of Taxis provides a significant benefit over use of motorcycles and scooters?
    ■1 passenger per taxi (on average) is better than 1 passenger per automobile on the M2?
    ■“…multiple entry and exit points of motorcycles in and out of the ‘Bus Only Lane’… would represent an unacceptably high risk to motorcycles and buses.”
    ■Motorcycles and taxis are permitted only the same ingress and egress points by law. Average taxi (including driver and passenger) weighs approximately 1.9t. Average motorcycle and rider weigh 0.3t. Physics 101 tells you that ingress and egress of a taxi is a significantly greater risk to buses.
    ■Safety audits were conducted for changing the lane to taxis, so if ok for taxis then ok for motorcycles (by a factor of 6) – or at least any logic would suggest.
    ■Bus drivers are qualified to conduct risk assessments or draw conclusions on consequences and likelihood?
    ■Bus drivers who commonly exceed the speed limit on the M2* and routinely muscle their way into the traffic across painted traffic islands** are best qualified to offer advice to the RTA about “acceptable risk” in the M2 Bus Only Lane?

    This excuse is a farce!

    There are a number of things that can be done.

    1.Sign the petition (so we can show relevant people that there is a critical mass of motorcycle and scooter riders that care – there is a state election in March 2011 and they care, right now).

    2.Write a letter to your local member.

    3.Write a letter to your local paper (since local members care about what is in the local papers)

    4.Write a letter to the Minister for Transport.

    5.Write a letter to the CEO of the RTA.

    6.Write a letter to Hills Motorways.

    7.Write a letter to the Greens.

    8.Join a motorcycle or scooter club and encourage them to affiliate with a motorcyle or scooter lobby group (for obvious reasons, Ride To Work Inc is the preferred partner here…)
    Please sign the petition below and we will pursue this with applicable ministers and shadow ministers, the local members of relevant electorates and local government authorities.

    Thank you for you assistance.


    Petition to NSW Parliament

    We the undersigned request that the NSW government (through the RTA NSW) take action to allow Motorcycles and Scooters access to the M2 Bus Only Lane.

    Access has been allowed for Taxis & Hire Cars by the RTA. Access to the M2 Bus Only Lane should also be granted to Motorcycles and Scooters in recognition of the benefits that Powered Two Wheel (PTW) commuting delivers for improved traffic flow, reduced congestion, reduced greenhouse emissions and the improved safety to motorcyclists.

    We request that this action take place immediately

    Please consider 'signing' the petition at:

  2. It would upset to many car drivers
  3. Why would it. We have access to other bus lanes now. From the petition site, I can see that we have got about another 20 signatures since posting up at NSWR and here, so lets keep the momentum up and see what we can achieve.
  4. Signed

    It is a joke.

    I use the M2 bus only lane every day during the week - on a bus because of the toll, the inability to use the bus only lane, and the difficulty of parking near work. Letters of mine to the revolving door misnistery of transport have received polite flunky form letter responses.

    Letters to the opposition shadow minister (Stoner at present) requesting that he tell me what the policy of the Lib/Nat opposition is on this issue have resulted in responses directing me to the current state minister ](*,) FFS!!!!

    Fun farging Ha!
  5. I'm currently serving a suspension from getting booked for riding in that lane in gridlocked traffic. It's a one big joke not to mention the huge tolls on the m2-city run. Big middle finger goes out to the operators of the m2 and the bike hwp that patrol it.
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  6. Signed. Also forwarded to every bike rider I know.
  7. A non-existent safety report about bikers LOL

    Absolutely no accountability in the government.

    So how is sitting in traffic with cagers who don't look where they're going safer than riding in an empty lane a few metres from the rest of traffic? It's bad enough we have to pay the full price of $4.95 like cars (it realistically should be $2 MAX) yet we can't even use the empty lane next to us for a reason which has been proven to be false.

    Just the other night I had to head out to Carlingford.... Road works limited to the road to 40 kmph.. Did I still have to pay? You ****ing betcha!

    Fortunately where I live I very rarely have to use the road however this means writing to my local paper wouldn't really make much sense. I've signed the petition though (y)
  8. signed the petition m2 sucks balls
  9. Signed, also.. I ride this lane every time i take the M2 to work. Stuff the rules, its faster and safer and a big crock that only bikes are not allowed to use this lane.

    Is it the same Bike Cop everytime that is booking bikes that go up the emergency lane?
  10. Signed.

    Just quietly I've never ridden on the M2 :p
  11. signed, Would it help to get Clover Moore involved??? It may be out of her electorate I think. She has done some good things for bikers in the Sydney CBD.
  12. I signed it the other day as did all my family :)
  13. Signed
  14. Update. Received the response to the 2nd FOI request last night.

    You will recall it goes something like this.

    Nov 2009 - Ask Minister why motorcycles are not allowed in M2 Bus Only Lane.
    Feb 2010 - Minister replies that safety audits determine motorcycles not safe.
    Feb 2010 - FOI #1 requesting copies of safety audits.
    Apr 2010 - FOI #1 response - Safety audits about motorcycles do not exist.
    Apr 2010 - Ask Minister on what basis motorcycles are now not allowed.
    Jun 2010 - Ask new Minister to answer the outstanding questions.
    Jul 2010 - CEO of RTA states feedback from bus drivers deems motorcycles unacceptably high risk.
    Aug 2010 - FOI #2 requesting copy of bus driver feedback.
    Oct 2010 - FOI #2 response.... I kid you not (this is verbatim)

    "There are no documents available in the Motorway Management Branch providing any feedback from the bus drivers. The only advice that was received by the RTA was verbal advice through Hills M2 Operators, who has had discussions with bus companies and bus drivers using the M2 Motorway."​

    Firstly non existent safety audits, now non existent bus driver feedback. How low can these Ministers and bureaucrats go?

    Let me tell you. The FOI also delivered about a dozen responses to the same question that had been asked. For three years they've been rolling out the same lies. Most interesting to see how the responses evolved after FOI #1.

    Please encourage all you can to sign the petition. Scott
  15. Hmmmm. You should turn over a well worded letter with their responses to an anti-labor news source, Sydney Herald I think?

    They would jump at calling and proving Labor lies.
  16. Telegraph mate.
  17. Signed. I don't use the M2, (live in Sutherland) but I drove along it this afternoon taking a mate home from the airport. SFA buses sighted and one long empty stretch of black top.
  18. I used to travel it often to get to Liverpool but now I use the M4 - turned out quicker for me plus it's free! I did use it last Saturday (before the anniversary ride) and counted a grand total of 1 airport mini-bus using the lane. Even in peak times (when the road is almost gridlocked) you're lucky if you see more than 2 or 3 buses in that lane and a lone taxi. Possibly the biggest safety concern would be the merging in and out of the bus lane but in gridlock situations, I wouldn't deem this be dangerous.