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Pete's super service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MrNinja, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Hi all, as most of know I have been of the road for a while due to an unfortunate prang. Now that my bike is bak to about 99% I needed a sevice but after being quoted about $500 for the sevice, I found a post recomending Pete in fitzroy to do sevices. He is picking up my bike with his van sevicing and getting my new tyres fitted all for less than the dealer quote. Now I can see just why he's so highly reccomended.


  2. that's what you think ... meanwhile he's thrashing your bike around the streets of vic :twisted:
  3. Petes a top guy and I doubt he'd do that. He looks after my across and the thing runs like a dream. Cant recomend this guy enough.
  4. lol.. unlikly as it has no fairings of computer...
  5. lol I'm just kidding I'm just jealous cuz I have to pay rip off prices for everything I want done up here in sydney
  6. Groberts has used him and highly recomends his work(as others have also said) , thats good enough for me. :D
  7. done a superb job with my bike , and is by far one of the best maniacs (mechanics) that has done work for me .

    also pete is a upstanding bloke , easy to get along with and allways helpfull .

    he will do the right thing by you with out a doubt.
  8. must agree he's a str8 up mech, told me a few things the other mech's never had. As for his skill's well you get what you pay for but he does take a bit more care.
  9. I took my little Gypzy to Pete's last night for him to work on Sunday. Seemed very thorough in asking me about every little thing I could think of that I wanted checked and then gave me a quote incl parts and labour that sounds pretty good to me.

    Looking forward to seeing how she runs - with all the positive karma flowing his way from netrider recommendations I reckon it should be pretty good :)
  10. Dan
    i just filled up with petrol today , i did some hwy K's (only about 50) and city running and i got 245 out of the VTR .
    and it wasnt even flashing and the light was only on by about 17 kms
    so i recon i would have got another 30 at a push .
    i havent had that fuel economy from the vtr ever , i put it down to the service pete did , tuned , serviced , balanced carbies etc etc .
  11. I got my bike back this after noon from Pete, I'm really happy with his work! The bike is running so much better! He even installed the wiring for my Neons better that I had (an real fire hazard ;-) ) all up for all his hard work still came in under the price I was quoted by the dealer.

    Thanks Pete!
  12. isnt this thread going take a big hook turn arouns about here :D
  13. Always a pleasure to see such positive threads about mechanics! (The guys in Moorrabbin Performance Bikes & Watercraft also have a great rep. One personally from me when I took my bike there)
  14. Yay for Pete, good feedback, BUT IS HE A NETRIDER, and if not, why not? Someone sign him up, and quickly, good wrenches are rarer than honest politicians these days
    (hey groberts, there's ANOTHER opportunity for the thread to do a leg break, bet it doesn't though)
  15. I was going to say something last night about it but thought if he's actually admitting to it on here then he's only joking . I HOPE :shock:
  16. Service at Pete's

    Gonna get my bike serviced from Pete this weekend. Heard nothing but good stuff about him. Woohoo! Can't wait :)
  17. If it's Lordtb your talking about, then yes, money well spent with him under your bike.
    Check out his project bike......!
  18. funny thing... there are two Petes that fix bikes here...

    Me and the other Pete... he's better at Suzukis.. (so I hear) But I can do a SV650 :D
  19. Naw, I'm talking about pete the pom, the suzuki specialist :)
  20. honda's too , make sure you give him a slap if he says anything about the ashe's :LOL: