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Peter Stevens

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Why does everyone hate Peter Stevens so much? The guys in spare parts have always been good to me, and I got a roadworthy from their Nth Melb service centre within minutes on a busy Saturday.

    I ask because they've got a used bike that I'm looking at right now, and there seems to be a lot of bad vibes out there. Anyone got war stories I should know about?
  2. one has to be ......aaah... very careful about what one says
    but they have a reputation for arrogance, not delivering what they promise
    and for service stuff ups....
    like not tightening front axle after replacing tyre (as happened to one of my riding mates :evil: )

    and why did they lose their Kawasaki licence???
  3. For all the bad stories I have heard about them, I have never had a problem with the dealings with the accessories staff in town and the Geelong store. I cannot comment about any other department.
  4. I would never get my bike serviced at Peter Stevens after the absolute horror stories I have heard come out of there.

    As for buying a bike there, sure, but I'd get someone who knows bikes well to check it over first adn then ride it straight to another mechanic to be checked before doing any real riding on it!
  5. I've not had any problems with them but know of a number of people who have - ask Matt sometimes about his CBR1000R service experience. They fixed my bike after my off and it's fine, though there does seem to be something loose behind the console which I need to look at. I've always found them happy to answer all my questions, even the really simple ones they probably get all too often. I think it depends who you talk to and who is working on your bike. There is one centre I wont go back to because I thought the job they did was slack, yet others love them.....*Shrugs*
  6. the above statement should answer your question about their service department.
    it takes time to check you bike out, to see if all is in working order.
    they seem to take the same approach when doing a service, after getting my bike back from them on a warranty service, a quick check on my part showed they hadnt changed the air filter nor topped up the coolant.
    so what else didnt they do? the only visible sign of anything done to my bike was wd40 on the levers and footpegs.
    it's quick easy money...........
    i know a young aussie bloke who is currently running a service department of a rental bike shop in London, he had many stories to tell about the lack of work done by PS service mechanics.
    not my place to bag them, but i never went back to them.

  7. Yep good advice. If you must get a bike from P.Stevens (or from anyone for that matter!) GET IT CHECKED OUT FIRST.
  8. Kawasaki want's only Kawasaki dealerships...Floyd Parks/Brighton Kwaka and so on.
    The Chido bros disagreed with this as it limits their share of the bike buyers market........much time and $$ has been spent in the courts by both sides.
    I believe the Fair trading Act was also part of the action.

    But hey I'm a Honda rider what would i know :wink:
  9. I bought my bike from there, complete with RWC... except that it was NOT RW!!! Unless a stuck-on brake light and the right indicator not working counts as roadworthy. Oh yeah, the hazard lights switch doesn't work either.

    When I spoke to them, they said to bring it down and they'd fix it. Yeah, well, it wasn't a perfect fix, and they charged me for the priviledge.

    I go to Werribee Motorcycles now, despite the communication issue I had with them one time, what they have fixed on my bike has stayed fixed.

    If I had some semblace of riding experience, OR someone to assist me in hunting for a bike, I'd never have bought the one I did. Its taken around 4 months to bring it into line and get it running properly.
  10. When I was looking for bikes they blatantly lied to me regarding the specs on a bike - and it wasn't a mistake - it was a lie! They also told some mistruths about some other things as well - and were arrogant to boot. Might have just been the guy I spoke to but it turned me off them for good.
  11. Never had a problem with the sales guys, never had a problem with the spares guys, service.........well thats just another story.

    They charged me $50 to fit a K&N filter at the 6000km service on my 6R. When I questioned it they told me that they had to remove the tank to get to the air box. Fair enough. But the invoice states that they adjusted the carbies, now you need to remove the tank for that.
    I got my $50 back after speaking to the sales manager.

    I bought all my tyres from them though and had them fit them, no problems there.

    But as for service...... you are only as good as your last job.

    They lost me.
  12. As Ismith says, "one has to be ......aaah... very careful about what one says ", especially considering I've lodged an official complaint against them with Honda's Regional Store Manager.

    But long story short, both the City Store and North Melbourne service centre (unknown what other stores in the chain are like but I doubt the apple falls too far from the tree) have given me nothing but substandard service. Particularly the service centre during my second service when they took my bike for a "Test Ride". I wouldn't have been any wiser, except for the fact that just before the service I installed a bike alarm which had G-force (tripped at 5Gs) sensors on it.

    Loz if you want to know so more detail shoot me a PM and I'll fill in the blanks.
  13. WOW, very scary.

    I deal with PS in Geelong and in particular the service mamager Cliff... I have dealt with him in the past and he does look after me... Maybe it is a Geelong thing....

    As far as the city stores, the guys behind the bikes really have no clue... Sorry, but it is the truth. Not sure about the Harley crew as I know very little about Harley's
  14. Better plan is just not to buy there, I wish I had my money back to go else where. I would have got a FAR better deal (I could have saved upto $3000 else where in Melbourne) and got FAR FAR FAR better service.

    Save yourself the pain and look elsewhere, especially if you're getting a Honda, PoS isn't a Honda Dealer chapter. Much better to go to an actual Honda Dealer Chapter who have Honda's full backing, especially for service. Having said that there are are good independants out there but ask around and find out about the shops reputation before commiting to anything.

    It hurts like hell when you repeatedly kick yourself every day for picking the wrong dealer.
  15. You 2nd sentence may be a good indicator? I certainly takes longer than "within minutes" to get a proper evaluation of a bike for a correct roadworthy certificate.
  16. The Melbourne service centre did shocking work on my CBR1000 and later told me my engine was leaking oil because it was stuffed and needed a full rebuild - turned out to be a wrongly installed gasket which another mechanic picked up).

    But that was 4 or 5 years ago so hopefully they're a different operation now.
  17. Buying gear from PS proved good, got quality jacket and helmet and the guy was prepared to slide the price down with the ol' poor student excuse.

    On the subject of other mechanics I'm not too sure about the blokes at ray quincey, once I went to pick up the bike after a service and all the electrics were messed up eg, indicators not flashing, brake light constantly on - they were fine when I brought it in. Of course they took care of it when I pointed it out to them but I found it a bit unsettling.

    The mob at brighton kawasaki seem ok but I haven't had them do any tinkering with my bike - as I'm thinking of taking my business there does anyone have any experience with these guys?
  18. Matt if you could save $3000 bying from someone else then why did'nt you.

    Also what's the bike alarm which had G-force (tripped at 5Gs) sensors on it. about. What was tripped etc.

    Cheers 8)
  19. Mate, talk about service I went to Brighton Kawa for tyre change las saturday. The tyre-changing guy was not in... guess what the old man-owner took the tools and change the tyre for me and gave me discount too... now that's what I call a service !
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  20. I know about 15 Kwaka riders who regularly take their bikes there
    by and large they are happy coz ...they (BKwaka) know the bikes
    (as you would expect from a Kwaka dealer)
    and they do give the bikes and customers a level of attention
    but as Vic says..you are only as good as your last job

    I have used 'em for about 17 years and no complaints
    they do what they say and do it properly
    can't ask for more....