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Peter Stevens

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by sanoptic, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    Just like to give a plug to Peter Stevens 'City Triumph' spare parts service.
    I'm from Sydney & the local Triumph dealers are next to useless for spares in my experience.
    My 95' Triumph needed a new alternator shaft & all the dealers up here told me it would be a 4-6 week wait as the part had to come from the UK.
    So i rang City Triumph & spoke to Noel the spare parts guy who basically told me the same delivery delay but he said for an extra few dollars he could get the part to me in 1 week.
    One week later the part arrived & the mechanic will fit the part shortly.
    I also ordered a throttle cable which the Sydney dealers said were on back order,Noel got me one asap so the bike should be on the road by the weekend.

    Great service i.m.o.

  2. Noel is good value. +1 from me.
  3. Peter Stevens are the importer for Triumph in Australia so that may explain why they can do better that your normal dealer.
  4. PS city has always been really good for parts for me in the past. good prices and great service from the guys there.
  5. Interesting - I've not found the service at PS city (not triumph) to be good at all. Admittedly it was for a 30 year old part, but they had my money for almost two months before I chased them up to discover the part was NLA.
    Glad your experience was better.
  6. I walked off the street at ~5pm once needing a brake lever for my 1987 dr750/800 and they had a genuine one in stock for $7. That surprised me.
  7. i have found the parts desk to be great in the city.. The rest of the city business... not so much. In sales it depends on who you speak to though, as one i was happy to deal with and the others I wouldn't recommend. This was a couple of years ago now.
  8. Of the dozens (literally) of orders I've placed with PS City store, they've never once gotten a complete order correct. I've also had them sit with my money for months on parts that are no longer available.
  9. Always had good service and prompt delivery from PS in Dandenong for spare parts and accessories.
  10. Have gone with PS at Ringwood. Worried, but there seems to be some good feedback.

    Quotes were interesting for 1000k service.

    PS Dandenong - $450
    Mick Hone - $240
    PS Ringwood - $380

    Mick Hone believed that the valves did not need to be done (despite it being in the manual).

    Interesting experience though...
  11. I've had good dealings with Noel at Triumph Spares / Parts on A'beckett street. He's been pretty good and does the basic 10% thing for me as I brought my Daytona there.

    The service however I steer well frikking clear of.

    Accessory Sales upstairs depends who you speak to, have had very mixed results.