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Peter Stevens Vent

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Speedy3, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. I bought a Triumph Speed Triple a little under 2 years ago from Peter Stevens and I am mad about the bike. I love it.
    But I must say Peter Stevens Servive center in the city is not a very nice place to deal with.
    On 26th March 2010 I took it in because there was a whiney noise coming from the rear end which you could really hear at 50km/h even with ear plugs in. So I told the people at Peter Stevens about the issue and they said they would have a look at it. I picked the bike up and they told me they took the pads out and cleaned them and it was all fixed. But as soon as I took it up Elizabeth St the noise was still there. At that time it only had 6800 kms on the clock.
    On the 13th Jan 2011 I took it back into Peter Stevens for its 12 month service and I told them again about the rear end noise and they said ok we will have a look.
    At 4:17PM that day I got a voice message saying my bike is ready but there are a few issues with it.

    1: that the rear brake spring is missing but there are none in the country and it's only $2.40 anyway
    2. that it was raining and they couldn't test ride the bike. (ok fair enough.)

    I left it there and called them on Friday morning and told them again to please ride my bike because there is a bad noise from the rear end. I spoke to a Ben James and he said ok we will have a look at it. At 2:10pm I missed a call from Ben James so I rang him back and he told me his mechanic test rode the bike and it was all ok. I was seeing red as I didnt think they rode it. I was didnt know what to do because I knew there was a problem. So I rang up Triumph Australia, who is in Kengsinton, and I told them I wanted to make a complaint about Peter Stevens Servive center. I was put through to a Manager there and I told him the story. He asked me where the bike was and he said he will send someone up to Peter Stevens to have a look at it...
    A little under 2 hours later this Ben James calls me back and says and I quote "Hello Jarrod, it seems as we have a bit of work to do to your bike" and explained the Triumph dude heard the noise as plain as day and told them it was the bearing and to pull it down and have a look.
    The bike stayed there till Monday and I got a call monday afternoon that it was fixed and all it needed was to be packed with grease. I rode it home and the noise is gone.
    Peter Stevens charged me another $70 on top of my service cost for this repair and never fixed the spring on the brake.

    Worse part of all is my bike is still UNDER WARRANTY.......

    I will not be dealing with the smug and smart attitude of some of the Peter Stevens staff again and I will be advising that if you value your sanity I would suggest you not deal with them either.

    But I must say a big thankyou to Triumph Australia. If it wasnt for them I would have to of taken my bike home with a whine still there.
  2. Good response from Triumph, About standard for Peter Stevens service I am afraid.
  3. I'm a noob and was going to use PS for my bike services, but if they are like that, then I won't. Who else is around the city that are good for servicing?
  4. oh so they told you their "mechanic" checked it out... Ohhh ok
    and so it's the wheel bearing making the noise and their "mechanic" test rides it and dose'nt pick it up... uhuh

    DUDE , they don't have any real mechanics there.
    hellooo, McFly ??
    why would you expect them to be able to fix your bike ????
  5. So you rode it around from Mar 2010 to Jan 2011 with a "whiney noise" that concerned you? :confused:
  6. I was a little perplexed by that too. But it doesnt change the fact that Peter Stevens are still shit.
  7. Triumph Australia are Peter Stevens... ;)
  8. It has 7700km/s on it now. It did 900km in that time. I thought it was the brake disk. But i wasnt really sure so i didn't really want to ride. Work and winter kept me off it too.
  9. I was going to say that. They're Hyosung Australia too. See a pattern?
  10. You own an awesome bike and you only put 900kms in 10months?.....disgraceful :p
    let me know if you need someone to take it out for a ride, more than happy to help out and put a few kms on it for you.
  11. triumph guy in kensington, walk to race course road(3 mins) catch tram into city
  12. Yeah i know its very bad. Same old excuses. Work Work and bit of weather in there too.
    I was on a thursday night ride 2 weeks ago. That was good.
  13. So the noise was caused by a lack of grease...and the bearing was not damaged? Shit, that's confidence in Peter Stevens.
  14. lol just do a search on Peter Stevens, plenty will come up
  15. No, let me do it, I'll even change the wheel bearings for you. They do cost almost $10 each though... ](*,)

    Speedy3, you do realise you don't need to use Peter Stevens to keep your warranty, right? Any qualified mechanic can do it.
  16. READ THIS!
  17. Warranty work, on the other hand is different.
  18. I called you about 12 months ago about servicing my Speed Triple and you told me you didn't do them anymore because Peter Stevens was upset or some BS.
  19. Correct, I still dont do Triumphs because of spare parts supply issues and also I cant get hold of a quality computer to adjust the FI with. The point I was making is that you dont have to go to PS and all the BS about loosing your warranty is wrong. You can not have your warrnty voided because you didnt go to a PS store for servicing.

    ........plus it wasnt BS, why do you think Charlie has to get spares from a none PS store located in Shepperton?
  20. I don't know where you're located, but I can highly recommend Sixty Degrees in Notting Hill. Even if you're a while away, it's worth the trip.

    There is just absolutely no way that what you've described would happen there. Very straight people.