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Peter Stevens trying to improve their service?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Fa1c0n, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I got a call from Peter Stevens today after picking my bike up about a week ago, totally out of the blue.
    Asking me how I found the experience and am I happy with what went down...
    Could be a sign that they are trying to improve things - I will be interested to see where this goes.

    Anyone else had this from PS before?
  2. Yes, I've had it, last couple of times after a bike service.
    I admit I was a bit reluctant when the Zagame KTM dealership moved over to PS, but a lot of the skilled personnel seem to have transferred over.
    I still go over the bike carefully after they've had it, but no issues so far, and I've found them very easy to deal with.
    The prices did go up, but on the other hand they've done me a couple of favours.
  3. That's good to hear - Hopefully everything is on the up and up.

    My bike was with them for 3-4 week for a clutch replacement.... :-/ And its my only transport so I couldn't get around for that time period.

    Their new sports bike service center is MASSIVE and looks really good.
    The HD service center is still old and small. Haha.
  4. I would hope that is the case, PS seems to be variable in their performance and I am dubious that a "culture of excellence" is being engendered there. That would appear to be a failure of their management either by the bonus or commission structure or the rates of work required. It generally leads to short term quality but these values fade after a while.

    There are a few mantras they need to engrave on their souls as these are are the sort of complaints that I have heard over the years.

    A happy customer is a repeat customer.
    A person browsing is deserving of support and assistance even if they don't intend to buy, they are tomorrows customers.
    If a customer comes in, don't leave them standing around either assist them or if you are busy acknowledge them and say I will be with you in a moment.
    All customers deserve respect and support not condescension, peoples knowledge levels are not all the same.
    Women are deserving of the same levels of custom as men, they are the fastest growing motorcycle segment, they have special requirements sometimes because of smaller stature or their sticky out and sticky in bits ;) Support them.
    In service, a bike is someones cherished possession, it should be treated with kid gloves.
    If you screw up and damage a bike fess up and fix it don't try and hide the matter.
    Communicate with customers, this is particularly important in service, delays in service etc let the customer know early not after they have turned up. This can all be handled by SMS or web app now days. It is simple and makes customers much happier, Do it!

    They are the largest dealer around so they need to lead by service, I hope they can manage the challenge.
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  5. 3-4 weeks for a clutch ? I've never even seen a bike clutch b4 and I changed mine in 30 minutes. Sounds like poor service to me
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  6. Parts availability is sometimes an issue, unless this is endemic to their service I would be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  7. I've had my bike at PS in the City for the past 3 weeks for 2 warranty issues. I have been on the phone for the past 2 days trying to get someone to return my call regarding the status of the bike. 3 weeks ago I would have said awesome service - can't recall the dude that initially looked after me, but he was on the ball. Not sure what's changed in the past 3 weeks. Not even a return call to say sorry we can't discuss your bike but we will get back to you ...
  8. I'd be showing up in person.. No one likes personal confrontation.. They can easily palm you off over the phone with promises of calls back etc, to which they rarely do.

    Make them accountable.
  9. pmsl, it's taken me 2 months to get a new fuel tank from Honda (indirectly through the dealer - now defunct - where I purchased the bike)...
  10. Generally - their sales team is very good. It's afterwards that can be less than.
  11. Why do you need a new tank? Bingle or warranty?
  12. Hmmm, here we go again.
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  13. I did have the follow up phone call after having some work done.
    I had had some issues at the time, and so I bought them up again in the follow up phone call, along with a new issue I had found.
    Damage to my bike that could have only been caused by poor workmanship.
    Never heard from them again.
    It's nice if they are trying to improve, but they still have a long way to go.
  14. I've seen Franco Cozzo, Chris & Marie even Frank Walker. When is this Peter Stevens guy gonna show his face?
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  15. My tank had a scratch on it when the bike was delivered. Not from PS but goes to show that sometimes you just have to wait (no matter how much it sucks!)
  16. What do you ride? I think Triumph monitor their dealers and PS called me after the first few services. Then Triumph e-mailed a survey a few days later. Penny dropped.
  17. No one disputes that their sales people are good.
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  18. the guys that sell their riding gear in the CBD store are shit, i spent 2K with them in one hit, and they barely put any effort in to making sure things fit properly.
  19. As they say its your money Ralph. if they're not that interested I would have got it all to the counter then said you know what guys seeing how you really cant be bothered either can and just walked out