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Peter Stevens Something to think about.....

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by moto, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Peter Stevens, Have with no doubt,been a fore runner in changing the way of motorcycling in Australia,15 years ago they started up dating the style of presentation,to us the motor cycling community.Finally after all these years,most of the bike shops have changed the way they present themselves,& treat customers,due to the internet and other standard of life pressures,the industry has had to follow suite,to remain competitive...which is undoubtedly forced a great financial pressure on the not quite as well financed businesses.
    These new investments the industry has had to make is coming at a time when the Aus.standard of presentation has finally been brought up to standard with o/seas levels,BUT with a much smaller market!!!
    It truly is a S...fight for survival out there for dealers new & secondhand.

    THINK ABOUT THE FOLLOWING ..if you think thats what happening doesn't really affect you to much.

    200 kawahonukis.xxxx1300s arrive in aus.
    PS buys 120(cos they can:) fairenough!!
    80 go around to 20 kawahonuki dealers around aus.

    Punter goes shopping around gets a great price!! 18 gorillas ride away
    Very happy, got some gear chucked in whatever..alls cool,new ride proud as punch.
    PS advertises xxxx1300s for 14 gorillas ride away with all the gear thrown in,+ 2 gorillas cash back from kawahonuki itself.

    This equals 80 punters feeling royally boned by 7 gorillas..not happy.
    ..Then the secondhand market from the year before all of a sudden drops a few gorillas,owners of these bikes(secondhand dealers and us the public)
    also not happy........................................

    I realise this happens with every commoditie known to man/womankind,but in Australia at this moment in time the motorcycle marketplace,is so small,everyone needs to support the smaller shops as much as they can,motorcycling in Aus is on the start of a boom, physically & in acceptance by the rest of the community,monopolisation at this time is only gonna benefit few rather than most.
    Things are tight sometimes but a bit of forethought goes a long way.
  2. Which one of these smaller retailers do you work for? :)

    Not that I disagree.

  3. the 80 punters should have known better, gorillas are not known for their gentle nature between the sheets.
  4. lol

    you go out of your way to mention every possilbe brand, currency, bike etc.... except PS...

    tell us your story mate?

  5. Now I've only been looking at low end bikes, but I'd have to say that I don't think PS is any cheaper than any others. In fact, they don't seem to have to much for the beginner at all from what I can see. But please, correct me if I'm wrong as I'm looking. :)

    And yes, let's be real, everying thing is monopolised, (hmm, did I spell that right.) it just depends if you get the good or the raw end of the deal.
  6. The blame is with kawahonukis.
    They bring in a dog bike (xxxx1300s) thats not suitable for our market. Sell very few of them and then left having to get rid of them quick, with delaers screaming to give them back.
    PS comes along and negotiates with kawahonukis, at a price point that the remaining xxxx1300s will actually sell to the mugs who'll pay for them
    Good on PS for coming to kawahonukis aid, and helping them get rid of them. kawahonukis should never have brought the dog bikes into the country with such a fanciful price tag ... and poor sucks to the few punters that paid the initial overpriced rrp because they wanted it first.
  7. Every one wants every thing fair...

    From that thought communism come about...

    Years later all the comys found out one thing.. greed will beat all fairnes and good intentions into a bludy pulp...

    So if you have bought a bike just as it got realised and months later it is on sale... just think of it this way.. you were gready coz you wanted to be the first on the block with the new shiny toy... and the gready business man took your money coz he wants a newer shinier bike on his block...
  8. For all those who struggled to deal with Moto's exceptionally economic typing (keeping that space bar for a special occasion?), I've made a couple of small changes.

  9. ?? Whaaat????

    Can someone please interpret that OP for me??

    I've had a looong day and I'm sure there's a good point being made...

  10. [img:600:450:3639e56b66]http://img115.exs.cx/img115/1141/grammar-nazi.jpg[/img:3639e56b66]
  11. Now van, I generally agree with your sig... "Look, it's pretty simple. It's Ls, not L's. It's DVDs, not DVD's. '80s, not 80's." However I do take exception to the 80's example. If we're referring to the 1980's then we're talking about something that pertains or belongs to the 80's so the apostrophe denoting possession is correct.
  12. Not true. 1980s is plural for the years between 1979 and 1990. If you were to say "That was 1980's greatest event", that would be pertaining to that specific year, and the event in question would be a possession, so to speak, of the year 1980 (just as "This was Jason's finest moment" requires an apostrophe, but "You'll have to ask the two Jasons that" does not). But if we are from the 1980s, or we are discussing the 1980s as a decade, that is plural. And plural, my friend, very very rarely ever has an apostrophe.

    Loz: retarded comment. If someone fcuks up something that you have an interest in, you will correct them. That I have more interest in speaking and writing properly than you, is the only difference.
  13. Well someone didn't sleep through english class ;).

    Not to hijack the thread or anythin' (correct use of apostrophe, van? ;)) but the initial post was a little tiring to read, seeing that space bar wasn't touched once. Anyway...
  14. Surely an individual decade is a tenfold purality of individual years. I can say "The 1980s was a decade of generally crap music." But if I say "Eric Clapton's Journeyman was my favourite album of 1987", I can go on to say "For me it was 1987's best album." I'm sure you'd allow that 1987's takes a possessive apostrophe. Let's also say that it was my favourite album of the entire decade, therefore I can say "Journeyman was the best album of the 1980's." Surely 1980's is deserving of the possessive apostrophe as I'm refering to something of that decade.

    Last Saturday I took my grandson to see his first footy game. It was the highlight of the weekend for me. so I may say "The weekend's highlight was taking my grandson to the footy on Saturday." The weekend is a collective noun for the Saturday and Sunday, in the same way as 1980s is the collective noun for the time period from the 1st of January 1980 to the 31st of December 1989. As soon as I refer possessively to something that occurred within that decade then that event belongs to the 1980's and earns an apostrophe.

    Continuing apologies to moto for hijacking the thread. Two of us are enjoying it anyway. ;-)
  15. .............

    Cheers :cool:
  16. yeah lets not worry about the *&%^^%&^$%( what ever that means :LOL:

    The Anal Police :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  17. Pass................people will shop where its cheaper, the mum n pop shop is yesterday's fish n chip wrapper

    Cheers :cool:
  18. These things happen

    Kwakka has just dropped the prices of z1000, customers can now buy them cheaper than I paid staff price 4 months ago
    Life goes on, deal with it.
  19. I disagree when it is said teh mum and pop shop is a thing of the past. In my experience, this kind of shop, when presented properly on teh internet, and when they offer good service, carve out a great little niche market for themselves.
    In my industry, two or three large international companies have been trying to assimilate and overtake for 30 years, and it hasn't worked. In fatc, these big companies are really hurting right now, as word of their treatment or employees is widely known, and they can't get staff. Those they do manage to get turn over very quickly.
    Why? Because people still want proper customer service, and those who want something other than "the package" will go elsewhere. And employees want security and to simply be treated like a human being.
    You'll find companies that go under due to new market players were hanging on by a thread anyway, and poor business skills will do that every time.
    Personally, I really dislike the impersonal, what the hell do you want service you get in big retail chains....a prime example being Super cheap auto.
    Also consider this, would you get your bike serviced by a "technician" who has had two months at tafe, and only been taught how to change oil and filters or similar, or someone who is going to spot that loose fuel line, or notice that lumpy idle and call you back and ask if you want it fixed? That same 18 year old who forgot to replace that split pin, or didn't know how to use that torque wrench properly........this is how big companies work, cut costs wherever they can, whatever the cost. They have a name, so they think they are golden.
    You all have to ask yourselves if you want to be served by 19 year olds who know absolutely nothing about motorbikes, and everything about cheap bling that looks sik........

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. That sort of service problem was why I wasn't happy with PS's servicing after I bought my last new bike there.

    There were a number of relativly minor but still bloody annoying things that were missed, not fixed properly and/or stuffed up.

    eg. An instrument globe wasn't replaced at 2 consecutive services (despite thier being told about it). Next time I'm riding at night Grrrrr.

    eg. The rear axle wasn't greased and when I go into Bob Jane tyres they have trouble getting it out and inform me there was _no_ grease on the axle (despite that being part of the listed service I'd just paid for).

    eg. The engine oil was overfilled (significantly) when they serviced the bike.

    There were other examples but you get the idea.

    Not a big deal you say? The thing is I have to take a day off work (that's my RDO gone for the month), ride into the CBD and hang around for a day until the bike is finished (or not as the case often was).

    I'd rather pay a bit more to a more convenient dealer I've decided, and as a bonus I'm getting better workshop service.