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Peter Stevens service centre

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Arai, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Good day! i bought a brand new bike from peter Stevens in Melbourne CBD and recently received a letter about servicing (I've already clocked nearly 700km's). After reading the posts on this website I've decided against getting my first service at PS.

    Would anyone here know if the first service absolutely needs to be at PS? I'll be needing a service, and i want my clutch checked up on and my clutch lever changed which i know PS will probably charge me out the ass for.


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    To avoid warranty issues, you need to ensure that any repairs and parts used is consistent with the manufacturers standards.

    <edit> As provided by WombleWomble you do not have to go to PS. This should have been made clearer.

  3. How much do they usually charge for a first service? i don't want to ride out with my chain loose and missing bolts because of some incompetent mechanic. Also this "service center" is at the CBD correct? (339 Elizabeth Street). Also would you know how much it usually cost for a clutch lever to be installed (I ordered my self the part online).

    I'll service it ONCE but after that I'm going else where.
  4. Note, Justus didn't say you have to use PS - he only stated that you need to use the correct parts e.g. genuine manufactures parts.
    You can get it serviced by any mechanic who can obtain these and is registered as a legit business.
  5. Mate, ring PS and a few other bike shops and get some quotes, ask what you want done and see if there's much difference in cost. Then decide what's best for you (location, reputation, etc).
  6. Oh, thanks mate. Bit brain dead today from work. Sweet then i don't have to travel all the way to the city and I've got a peace of mind now.

    I have a mechanic shop in mind which i saw from another thread. I also just send them an email regarding service cost, clutch lever cost, and if my warranty of any sort will be voided getting a service with them.
  7. I think its worth getting the dealer to do the first service. They can tidy up all the little bits and pieces that become evident in the first few hundred k's. Peter Stevens in Ringwood is better than the city lot.
    Its a lot easier dealing with warranty issues if the dealer has the service records.
  8. I've noticed an enormous difference in the standard of work at PS depending on which brand the technician got their training on, FWIW.
    I agree with twistngo, unless their quoted figure is unreasonable.
  9. The 1000k service is usually free I thought. Clutch lever is a 5 min job so anything over $20 is a rip
  10. Just adding to the above, getting the dealer to do the first service gives "easier" warranty coverage out to the scheduled next service, typically at 12000k. (Dealer can't um and ahh if they've done the service and are more likely to go into bat for you).
  11. Thanks for the replies fellas, bumping an old thread but i decided to take it somewhere else instead of PS. If something went wrong with it I'd hate my self after all she is my baby.

    I'll keep all the tax invoice etc.. if i need to take it out for warranty.
  12. Thats exactly what I did arai. I kept receipts of everything I used, in the unlikely event of a warranty issue
  13. G'Day. Bought a Suzuki Boulevard C50T from PS about two weeks ago and was told service was about $300. Rang to book first service was told $400. Queried the price and again told $400. Rang Byrners Suzuki Seaford Vic they quoted $230. PS way over priced. Would not go near PS for servicing.