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Peter Stevens Service Centre - Eliz St Melb

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jeimbo, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hey guys and girls

    Thinking of taking my VL800 to Peter Stevens for its first service (shop where I bought the bike is in Whittlesea - have to take a day off work to take it there).

    Anyone got any feedback about Peter Stevens for repars and service?

    Also, I am nearing 500km. I'm thinking I should change the oil at 500 (due to the bits of metal that suspend in the oil). Should I bother given the size of the filter?

    Thanks folks.
  2. Keep your wallet handy. First service is a killer. Mine was $320. I went to PS in Dandenong. Not happy with their service. (Not the service :grin: )

    I didn't bother bother with an early oil change.

    Going to give Seaford Suzuki a go with the 6k service.
  3. I'm sure there was another thread about the PS services a couple of days ago...

    Anyway I got a RWC done there a couple of months ago cause it was the cheapest place I could find. To get the work done there though was EXHORBITANT! so I did most of the work myself, got head stem bearings done in hoppers, and then went back to Peter stevens to get them to sign off on RWC. They frowned a fair bit about me having taken it elsewhere but at the end of the day gave me the cert and off I went!

    Sooo, I would suggest them for cheap RWC's but seemed very expensive to get actual work done

  4. Most (all?) posts I've seen tend to bag out Peter Stevens for servicing. I'd take my bike elsewhere (which I do, *had* to buy from PS to get my new 675 back last year.), and which I do :LOL: Charlie @ Turn One RULES for Triumph servicing :grin:
  5. Hmmm, not looking good for PS - esp with the all-important first service.

    Whereabouts is Turn One and would you recommend for a Suzy C50 service?
  6. I don't think Charlie @ Turn One will touch a Suzuki C50.
    He tends to be a Triumph only kinda guy unless it's with good reason to work on another bike (or brand). He knows his Trumpys back to front.

    As for Peter Stevens Elizabeth Street; i know a couple of the guys who work there and would recommend them if your in the city and just want a local workshop. I've nothing bad to say about their servicing quality as i personally don't use them (do all my own work), but i've had others give decent feedback.
  7. I just had my DL650 in there today for its first service. The wallet is $230 lighter, but they are convenient as I work in the city.

  8. From personal experience PS is quite dear. And the workshop in North Melbourne isn't that convenient if you work in the city anyway.

    You could try Race Replica on Geelong Rd, Brooklyn. It's about 10 minutes from the city.
  9. I haven't had a bike serviced there, but I can tell you that they don't consider that prepping a used bike for sale includes checking the oil. It was an expensive lesson, and one that gives me little confidence in their service standards.
  10. lol I know some of them too... I would rather beg & whine for them to do the service after hours or to teach me how to do it...

    I found that most of the simple servicing (eather on a bike or car) is done by apprentices... and most of them have no care about the bike or car they are working on, most of them will never work in the profession any way.... AS for repairs... find some one you trust.. PS both in the City and Dandy has some top mechanics (some of them might be rude but sill do an excellent job)... Best is to find a good mech or a workshop that is good at one job... like go to a suspension specialist to do your suspension, go to a place that has good rep with performance mods to do that or a brand specialist like Charly at Turn one (he does Triumphs)...

    Keep in mind... while your bike is under warranty... the services HAVE to be done by some one authorized... in case of Hyosong any A grade mechanic LOL... marine deasel mechanic LOL so read your user manual/warranty cearfuly...
  11. I watch them road testing bikes and would never let them touch anything more than a skateboard.
  12. Hmm, as from the various threads (at least 5 I have posted in this month), I am still VERY sketchy on that. Charlie from Turn One says it's a load of crap.(Triumph Australia always do warranty stuff IF you press them to if it's done by home job AND the stuff that was done is done competant, such as oil + filter change. I leave the BIG stuff to charlie who isn't a Triumph authorised mech And people who have rung Motorbike manufacturers (i.e kawasaki) have got it straight from the horses mouth that they can't enforce what's written in the user manual/warranty. Also have seen "clauses" in user manual/warranties that have said "We actually cannot enforce our rules for warranty" or something similar, usually in small writing near the back :)

  13. Mate, I used to skateboard! I take offence at that :wink:

    I hear Matt232 takes his car, pushbike, skateboard and lawnmower to be serviced at Peter Stevens actually ;) :eek: :LOL:
  14. mick hone in mont albert has a good reputation (they don't do my bike as its too old so I don't have personal experience). there is a tram to the city just outside.
  15. Never take my bike there again. Overpriced, questionable as to exactly what they claim to do and what gets done, and they don't even bother wiping greasy/oily finger marks off the bike.
    Dare I say, before going there, head to the city store and ask some of the guys there what they think of their own service dept.
    Most of the guys I know there won't let them touch their bikes.....
  16. Much an' all as you don't want to take it to Whittlesea, I had those guys do some emergency work for me, and I can only say I was VERY impressed with the way they looked after me :)
    Charlie at Turn One will do other brands, but to be fair he would probably put his Triumph customers as first priority.
  17. Decided I'm going to work the logistics out, take a day off and go back to K&J in Whittlesea for servicing rather than go to the unknown. There's too much risk elsewhere and I've done enough business with K&J for bikes and power equipment to know that they are the goods.

    Thanks for your help guys, you've helped me make a decision!!
  18. Charlie was the Triumph mech for Petr Stevens for many years.. as far as I know he is one of the few mechanics inside melbourne who are authorized Triumph mechanics...
  19. My personal experience (PS Dandenong) led me to purchase a workshop manual, and do it myself.

    I keep all receipts for parts, oil etc, and they can jam it if that ever makes a difference to resale.

    Things were not done that were ticked off as being done. Unless they are so precise that they tighten bolts so the whiteout lines match perfectly in an unbroken line.