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Peter Stevens - Robbed

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pat65, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. No, It's not what you think, I wasn't ripped off by Peter Stevens.
    I was in their Dandenong store yesterday buying a new helmet and actually got a great deal (Suomy Spec 1R for $279 down from $699, last years model).

    Anyway, the salesman told me that they were broken into on Friday night at about 1.00am. The theives trashed alot of the accessory area, took all the till floats, broke into the safe and took a heap of jackets. The store didn't re-open untill about 11.00am Satuday.

    Apparantly they came in through the rear of the store, they only area without sensors and stayed there for three hours! :shock:
    They dodged all the sensors in the main store area but they were filmed by the cameras the whole time and didn't bother covering up their faces for the whole three hours :? (you would think with all those helmets sitting there..).

    They have since upgraded their security.
  2. The bloke that told you all that should write books for a living.

    There is no way in the world that you can move around PS for 3 hours and go undetected
  3. HAHA

    Good deal on the helmet though! Just think though, it could have been touched by robber fingers! :eek:
  4. Haha i bet they discount and sell all there stock
    BEFORE they claim insurance for stolen property
  5. Gee's you dont well there Pat. You bargain them to that price or is that
    what they are selling em for ATM?

    Not sure how one is able to dodge sensors (not to forget the store lighting
    is turned off). Must've been a shithouse system. :LOL:
  6. hey mg, that is what they are selling them for a the moment. they had a few there in a couple of different styles
  7. Peter Stevens robbed?

    Ahhhhh the Karma.......... :cool:
  8. awwwwww, you nasty :rofl:

  9. Who, PS or triway? :wink:
  10. That is what they are selling them for, they also have a few cheaper ones if you don't mind plain colours and a few less features.

    Suomy are not being imported into the country anymore.
  11. mst have been greek thieves :D
  12. yeah i picked up a fazer ... or whatever model it was for 179 and i believe they were around 359 last years model ect
  13. Great bargain.

    You cant get em anywhere near that price overseas.
  14. I have a simple explanation bud.

    Have sent you a gmail. :wink:
  15. thanks for that , will have to wait and see. replied
  16. Keep going at em until you get what was agreed to bud. [​IMG]
    Anything else I can do for ya, you know where I am. :wink: