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Peter Stevens Ringwood Melb Triumph night - tonight 19/6

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. As the title says, there is a Triumph product night on tonight. Showing the 2007 Triumph range and the 2007 Triumph product range according to the invite/flyer. Is anyone else attending? And/or is anyone going to the demo day this weekend?

    My girlfriend and I will be heading there, leaving soon so we can beat stupid peak traffic and have dins dins near there, there is a resturant near there that rocks (Chinese one)

    See anyone there, pics of me in my sig if you look hard enough, besides the gimpy one, I won't be needing the sling if I ride. If it looks too crap in the next 10-30 mins, we'll drive
  2. I bought my sprint from there a couple of weeks ago but this is the first I have heard of tonights show and know nothing of the demo day... you would think spending $15,000 would of at least got me on the mailing list... would of been nice to see some of the products and accesories that are available..
  3. Took them a couple of months to get me on their mailing list , but yes , I did get the invite for this . Only three more days of my license suspension to go , but that puts me out of the picture for tonight.

    What I want though they will not have . Some trident pipes. They sound sweet as so I'm saving for them . I've learnt also that they will cut the three pipes at an angle to suit the 07 sprints , for a small price increase of course.

    Would have been good to see there product range though.
  4. Well that was one of the WORST things I have ever been to (that involved motorcycles or just plain anything)...

    Staff who had been VERY nice to me in various past visits during normal working hours were absolute snobs when they heard I wasn't interested
    into buying a bike. And these same guys used to (at least act like it) recognize me in visits to the store. One guy who was very "pushy" onto me told me I should be upgrading the '06 675 for a '07 675. (NO changes in the year, just a new colour added to the range) I'm sure the many many hours I spent (and usually in pain so it seemed much longer and hence I gained "more" from it :) ) putting mods onto the bike, looking up websites for info, getting into group buys to get never to be repeated (now that sounds like a sales pitch ;) ) prices for various mods for the bike.

    So all in all, a very dull, mundane boring affair. There is a demo day this Saturday which I definitely won't be going to now (because of tonight). There is a MAJOR attraction to be had tho, you get a FREE Triumph t-shirt for attending the demo night (most likely a crap to ok t-shirt with a BIG Peter Stevens logo on the back *puts finger in mouth vomit motion*) The so called "2007 Triumph Product range display consisted of 2 or 3 people wearing one jacket each and taking them off to reveal.... a t-shirt.. Woo hoo! :roll:

    I must stop now or else I'll kill myself from boredom from thinking of tonight's (mis)adventure. Best thing of the night was the dinner beforehand, at the chinese food place just near bikemart, A1 etc, We have always liked the meals there and tonight was no exception :) Oh, which reminds me. The funniest thing of the night was the beginning. We walked in about 10-15 minutes at most of the scheduled start.

    There was a table there which had the remains of a bunch of food and a fair lot (40-50ish I guestimate) of people finishing their last mouthfuls of food. I could only assume there was a mad rush for the free food which resembled great white sharks having a feeding frenzy after being starved of food for 2-3 months in a closed off pool which then proceeded to have 40-50 little puppies thrown in... Yes, great mental image I have given you guys but you didn't have to see the image of the attendees all chomping down on their last (4-5 mouthfuls in one munching session for each person) unlike which Emma and myself did. *shivers* God, nooooooooooo. Think of the chidlren!!!!!!!!

    Have a good night, goodness knows we're going to have nightmares about tonight which seemed to be one big nightmare :!:
  5. sorry the bike night went so badly for you undii... on the other hand of course I am now so glad I didnt make the 160Km run to get there for it, will make sure I am to busy to attend the demo day as well
  6. I was thinking of going but my oil proof shoes were all wet. I figured I'd be tripping all over the place so I never bothered :grin:

  7. Heh, today has been one of the worst days of the year.. That's saying a lot. I just typed about an hours worth of typing in my Livejournal. Might post it in here (NetRider) tomorrow, I am literally trying to keep both of my eyes open, not doing too well, most of the time one eye is only open so I can "stay awake" so I can finish this post and the Livejournal entry then I am switching off the laptop and I bet I'll be asleep within 2 minutes!

    Just to add one thing, I spent about an hour after we got back from riding in the rain after tonights crap event looking for he wedding/engagement ring we bought on Anzac day. I last recall I took it off for the shower I had before leaving for tonight, it was placed on the bathroom sink top and it's too big to fall down the drain, the holes in the drain bit seem too small for it to fall down. But.. I just spent an hour looking for the ring in the most (and least) obvious places I'd expect it to be :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I also woke up 2-3 hrs earlier than normal as I spent 1-2 hours doing the same thing this morning except for 2 prescriptions to pain killers I recall having last week coming back from "my new chemist I use". They direct bill T.A.C as opposed to me spending $$ and being re-imbursed the money 1-4 weeks later. Atm, I have about $500-$600 "in limbo" until the TAC reimburse it, so the (new) chemist who is good enough to let me know about the direct billing (and a hell of a lot cheaper than who I WAS seeing). Now my money is staying in my pocket only to be spent on stuff I want, not for pain medications.. yay

    But Mmmmm, all this losing of stuff I own (very dear to me, such as the ring) is becoming a worrying thing.. How can I lose something SO DEAR to me :(

    Ok, enough of this stress and worry for today. I'm off to sleep soon as I shutdown my laptop, I predict less than 2 minutes!! I AM SOOOOOOOOO WORN OUT :( :( :-({|= :nopity: :blah: :blah: NIGHT! *yawn*
  8. *heh* One thing I remembered before I pass out. Reading the trash mag, AMCN's masterbike review of the supersport class (600cc 4 cyl class), why did the (Aussie?) journo state the daytona 675 had a slipper clutch when it most definitely did not, as confirmed by someone who knew 2 of the journos who were at the masterbike reviews/rides event. Quite (as usual) stupid mis-informed junk..

    Ok, beddie time now, I'm seeing 3 of everything when I kinda open both eyes instead of opening "just one". It must be quite comical if there was a vid of me typing in the past hour or so.. I'd look even worse than I normally do ;)
  9. thanks a bunch for the update undii. I really wanted to go tonight but was unfortunately working :( I was thinking of going on sat but figured there will not be much point, considering i still have 109 days on restricted. I dont think they will let me jump on a 675 just yet...sigh.
  10. ok I didn't check the very least obvious place... Emma found it in hef makeup bag, I guess she put it in there by accident! *phew*
  11. Funny you mention that. 4 different sales dudes try to say to me I should sign up to the demo ride day to ride the FABULOUS Daytona 675!!!! :? :LOL: The only bike I was interested is the Rocket III but when I sat on it last night, my arm was in a position where it would be useless due to the position, I had no power in it (for time being hopefully) as my arms were holding against gravity by using the bicep/delts which, I don't have strength atm. Maybe the speed triple would be a good fun hoon and help prepare me for guessing what the street triple might be like to ride (and maybe put the waiting deposit on it like I did for the 675 18 months ago ;)
  12. Serves ya right for being such a trumpy fanboy! :grin:
  13. Never mind Loz... you'll get to have one, one day :wink:
  14. Just so I know how to think, where do we stand "together". Do you like or dislike me as a person/possible friend. And I do need it spelt out to me (via PM if you wish) as various posts somewhat mock me. I don't know if it's a friendly ribbing or you really dislike me and use this as an outlet to "get at me". Cheers :)

    And On Topic, now that the (wedding/engagement) ring was found, Emma had mistakenly put it away in her zipped up make up bag. She found it this morning whilst getting ready for work by putting her make up on. I'm in a far happier mood, checked out the "showbag" I got from Triumph Aus/PS which I didn't know since Emma put it in the backpack she was wearing, the same one which barred me entry to Crown Casino hehe ;)

    The showbag contains 3 paper catalogues of Triumph clothes/bikes/accessories which I already have all of them :LOL: There is a Triumph bikes CD which I'll watch soon once I get settled into the day. Have a few things to pay today, $2000 in bills heh. 2 Rego's, full comp indurance takes the brunt of the bills tho. *waves* bye bye to the money ;)

    I'll give a CD review of it later today, that's if someone else hasn't already got it (and done a review). :)