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Peter Stevens overcharging HELP?? advice?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by hyo_duc, May 26, 2009.

  1. ok whilst riding my bike last night home from uni, my chain came off. so i had to get it towed to elizabeth st peter stevens (VIC). that was not the problem. I had my service booked in for 2 weeks down the track, and they fitted me in last night and today.
    So the problem is here. It is a 12000 kay service. Basically they called me up to fit new rear brake pad, all good, they said they wont charge for labout since the rear wheel is already off. I also supplied them with aftermarket pads. They fitted a new chain obviously which is also an aftermarket.
    Now the bullshit part is how much they are charging me. My major service at 8000 kays cost me 540 buks, they are charging me $950 for a minor service, new chain and rear pad. What else they ahve done i dont know but they never warned me??
    anyone have opinions, am i being ripped off, taken use of? is this an acceptable charge???
    guys plz help
    much regards
    btw hyosung gt250r

  2. you can simply ask them to detail the bill. or if you are patience, it will be in the receipt
  3. thanx i will be doing that, i just see how it can cost so much for a minor service??
  4. what does your owner manual say for 12000 service? you can ask not to do valve check, it will save lot of cash.
  5. and thats what exactly is going to happen if you guys in victoria let PS take over small business, from what ive read in these forums, theres been a few small business guys shut down and a few PS has taken over, exactly what coles and woolworths are doing, take over the world and charge what they like as there is no competition, support your small business guys
  6. may be if there is some mm on the rear brake, can save $$ there. remember to ask for the replaced parts.
  7. a good quality chain will cost around $180 to start with .....

    {Not that I'm siding with PS}.
  8. yes they asked me about that they said due to rear wheel already off they wont charge for labour but 48 buks for pad
  9. 180 im expecting but doesnt justify the 950 buks
  10. I'm not saying it does, but it contributes significantly to it.

    I'm with the others; ask for a detailed, item-by-item account and haggle over each item if necessary.
  11. and take your 8000k service bill with u to show them
  12. hell yeah im going to bring all the history
  13. also maybe PS thought, your young, he works, K.Rudd just stimulated him, lets take it off him :grin:
  14. They would have done valve clearances for it to be that expensive.

    I did a 30K service on my BMW K1200R, the 30 is pretty much a major where they do valve clearances and it only cost $550.

    I say you got Peter Stevens'ed :p
  15. hah u know what, you are probably right. bloody bastrds.
    ill post up here about what happens.
    hope i can get it down thats for sure
  16. staffords! my 8k service was significantly cheaper than yours.
  17. really? sorry to ask maybe in a private message, but how much. since mine was roughly $550?
  18. my 12000km service at Staffords included a new DID chain and new EBC pads on the front and only come in at $500
  19. I haven't got my receipts anymore as they went with the bike but a service and valve clearances on my GT250R done at Redwing was only about $280-300 from memory.