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Peter Stevens - only Triumph dealer around Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by dima, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. #1 dima, Apr 12, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2013

    So I looked at the official dealers in VIC:

    That looks like PS is the only Triumph dealer unless we want to go to Waga Waga of course :)

    So the question to Triumph owners, how is it to be "locked" to PS?

    Or maybe that map is out of date?
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  2. sucks to have no choice of where to spend your dollars and nowhere to compete on price... but you're not locked there for servicing
  3. AJ's motorcycles in Shepparton is also a triumph dealer and good business to deal with. I have purchased 2 triumphs from there and have no complaints. Give them a call.
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  4. Triumph Australia and PSM are very closely connected in terms of ownership, so you should't be surprised, dnagir.
  5. Unfortunately it would be faster to get to Bendigo for me if I don't want to go to PS.

    Also does any PS branch do a good service on Triumphs?

    I have zero trust in PS (dandenog) after riding basically the dangerous bike after their service.
  6. Sounds like you've got your mind set on the Daytona now? Congrats on the desicion making (y)
  7. Met Tom the owner and so worth the travel, if I was getting a triumph that's where I would go!
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  8. So close that PS is THE (read exclusive) Australian importer for Triumph. PS is Triumph Australia. If you sent a querry via the Aust Triumph website, don't be surprise if the return email is from PS :p

    Kinda like Frasers Motorcycles in Sydney and Ducati.

    Good and bad I guess.. you'd be dealing directly with the importer which also means you could get screwed by them as well lol
  9. cough... and don't arrangements like that work well for consumers.

    has anyone noticed how much the price of Dainese gear has dropped since monza lost the gig?
  10. Thanks Nina. Haven't settled yet, just researching the options and have plenty of time. But tona is definitely a choice by heart. May end up with CBR or GSXR taking into account all the reality and probably cost.

    What is he doing differently (in terms of selling) to PS?
    Isn't it just "unboxing" the new bike and giving it away. Probably different story for used ones and the servicing though.
  11. As I said, I have bought 2 bikes from AJ's, and I should add, I have never been to the shop in Shepparton. If you are a serious buyer, there is a fair chance he will bring a bike to you. They also make it easy for servicing if you want to go the dealer route.
  12. Could you please tell a little more about it?
  13. I personally would not doubt a new bike is 100% ready to go from AJ's, customer service from the begining and ongoing a relationship worth having with a great dealer
  14. Are you aware that you don't need to take your bike to a dealer for servicing, even when under warranty? It just needs to be serviced by a qualified mechanic according to the manufacturer's service manual.
  15. Can't comment about Dainese, but Monza has really good customer service though.

    I had a pair of A* boots (used on about 2 track days) which the back heel slider screw thread was strip so the heel was loose on one corner. No biggy, boots is fine. But I contacted them and they swapped the pair over for a brand new pair courier from Vic to Syd.

    Dnagir, sorry for the slight thread detour
  16. They offer a pickup/delivery service. Usually takes a week, so might not be convenient for everyone. Doesn't worry me, I have 2 trumpys :)
  17. Still needs to go back to a dealer if there is any warranty work required.
  18. Have purchased 2 Triumphs form AJ's and they delivered both bikes to my home in Point Cook Melb.

    Also beat PS for price by a good amount.

    Got bikes services by Charlie in Kensington. He even did some Warranty work for me
  19. Yes.

    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that only the official dealers have a few tools required for some of the services that others don't. But not 100% sure about it, could be in the "rumours" category (but again, Engine "ECM - check for stored DTCs" sounds like something that needs special equipment).
  20. I spoke with Whitehouse motors in Albury a while ago and they said that the basic service on a Triumph could be done by any trained motorcycle mechanic. But it would need to go to a Triumph dealer for major services and/or diagnostic work as they have the software.
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