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Peter Stevens on the warpath

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by firefling, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. According to a very well known and established store in Box Hill, PS has bought out BTX and are negotiating to buy RedWing Honda.

    The guy in Box Hill is shaking his heads at the business and the future. Apparently PS slashed their prices so low that other stores are unable to match it or make a loss at it. Seems like they want the monopoly in Vic.

    Considering that I'm looking around to buy a new bike, my jaw has been dropping at how low they've gone. I'm rubbing my hands in glee at the low prices but despairing that we might not be able to see competition in the market.
  2. I heard about this in December, about the same time that they were taking control of Hyosung from the established dealers.
    Your average small bike shop is always complaining about the lack of profit to be made but PS seem to have found a formula for success.
  3. Sounds like Peter Stevens are the Walmart of the Vic motorcycle market.
  4. From what I can gather off this forum, their service is pretty average. Lets hope that this doesn't translate onto their other stores. There is nothing I hate more than crappy service because thats what those people are getting paid for!
  5. i dont like the sound of that. when i got my bike they wouldn't move on the price and didn't even tell me about the manufacturer discount available at the time - so i went elsewhere.

    they were the only honda dealer where used to live so i had to use them for servicing - but i cant say i ever enjoyed the experience. their servicing aint cheap either!!

    i did like the treatment and pricing i got at redwing however, so hopefully that doesn't go down the toilet.
  6. Hmm a classic 'starbucks' thing could be happening. Buy out everyone then whenthere is no competition, charge high high prices so people HAVE TO pay them :(

    Hope that doesn't happen! *thumbs down*
  7. We need one here in NSW.

    Actually Team Moto has expanded from Qld to NSW.
  8. Growth through acquisition.
  9. Peter Stevens have the classic low sale price and high service costs and and 'ordinary' service thing happening.

    Yes it's growth through acquisition, and yes it's probably inevitable but if you want to slow it down the best thing you can do is buy a bike from your local dealer.

    If you don't want to pay a few $ extra then you can't really complain when you local dealer ends up closing and you have to ride way 'over there' for services *shrug*.

    Like most things you pay your money and you take your choice.

    Personally I prefer the more personal approach of smaller dealers, which is part of the reason I ended up ordering the new bike from Raceway Suzuki.

    It's supposed to be here this week too :)
  10. Bought my new bike through PS and thought they were great. Good service and came to the party on price. I say, bring it on !
  11. No ......... I deliberately bought my bike here so I could utilise the servicing & not use PS :cry:
  12. Too bad they haven't started doing that with their gear... :-( 'A well established business' in Ringwood was still able to beat their prices (significantly I may add...) even though PS is just a few doors down.

    I'm not in the market for a bike, but can always use new gear.
  13. Capatalism, I love it bring it on. :grin:

    PS don't grow because they give crap service they grow because they are better business people. If you as a consumer want to pay higher prices to support a local shop go for it, but if you are like most people and don't then don't blame PS if they take over.
  14. Being better business people is not the usual reason for a company acquiring other companies it is in competition with. It's usually because they have lots of capital, for whatever reason, or a business plan and a loan.
    It does not always equate to a sucessful long term proposition, taking over other companies.
    From what I understand the company mentioned make their money from gouging. And from their post in the other thread, and the fact that page 4 disappeared, it would seem customer service and PR skills are sadly lacking.
    Anyone can do that. It's called a captive market.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Yep, all you need is to know a couple of people with big chq books that you can convince your business idea is a good one. Seen it many times.
  16. Same here. And it's usually this type of business that falls in a heap, whilst the manager/directors walk away scot free.
    The attitude is, it's not our money, so let's gamble!

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. And walk away with a big chunk of that investors funds hidden somewhere!
  18. Bloody hell what a bunch of lefty Age reading loonies :p :p

    Having capital and a business plan is GOOD business pratice. Gouging? where is the proof? Lots of my mate she said he said stuff but I have seen no proof to date.

    Look I don't know much about PS but I know about business, they have been around for a long time I remember as an 8 year old the coolest sticker for your scateboard was a STP one followed by Peter Stevens so they have been around since at least 1973, they can't be all bad!

    I will say one thing to close my thoughts. TALL POPPY SYNDROME :roll:
  19. A few months ago I had cash and was "ready to buy" and looking at various options. I showed a few Sydney dealers the prices on the Peter Stevens Website for their "specials" and they said - "enjoy the ride back from Melbourne - we can't go close". For a $120 airfare and chance to smoothly run the bike in I was tempted.

    So PS seems to have some bulk buying incentives and can afford to sell new bikes very cheaply. You only buy the bike from them, nobbody is forcing you to take it back to them for service (however plenty no doubt will).

    There are plenty of smaller dealerships/mechanics who will give you the time of day and you can speak to their mechanics and drop into the shop for advice - I've done it to the various mechanics I've had and think it is a good value add, instead of hiding everything from the paying customer like the big dealerships do.