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Peter Stevens moving

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by P J, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone knows when Peter Stevens ringwood are moving to their new store??

    It's going to get tempting when they are only 2 minutes away instead of 12 minutes.

  2. The move is happening @ the end of this month
  3. I went past the new store yesterday, signs are up and it looked likethe finishing touches are being done.

    I wonder what A1 etc are going to do when PS is gone from there current location
  4. Hey Jem,

    Where did they move to?

  5. Hey dnagir,

    If you mean PS they are moving further down the road near to Car City but not moved as yet.

    If you meant A1 they have not moved just thinking out aloud about what they might do with PS leaving the area
  6. They're moving this weekend. I think.
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  7. Hey LL what's happening in upgrade land
  8. Yeah, was talking about PS. Thanks.
    Will be less convenient, a bit further from the EastLInk :(
  9. Or you can think glass ½ full and think further from the EastLInk for more riding ;)
  10. True, but I wish every ride to PS would an enjoyable, fun thing with plenty of time.
    It is usually "pop in before/after/during work" kind of stuff for me :)
  11. Rumour is, its the harley part of the business moving and not the other brands, cannot confirm this though...
  12. :) nothing as yet. Planning to keep the v- star for a little bit longer.
  13. I was told that all brands of PS Ringwood will move into the new store, this will also include jet ski sales and the clearance centre. It makes sense as FTG has been shut dow.

    As far as A1 is concerned, they have now officially picked up the Honda gig since Jeffreys went bust and will be moving into the old Metro site.

    I believe this may be short lived as thec ouncil are putting the pressure on surrounding automotive businesses to move out toward Car City.
  14. Hi,
    I was talking to John ( The owner of A1 ) on Sat. They are going to move all of their new bikes into the Honda store and keep the existing store for 2nd hand. He confirmed that they will be stocking the full range of Honda bikes.
    Great news I think.
    PS had an 8 days to go before the move sign up in their store.
    Cheers Jeremy
  15. Think PS will be the odd one out when they move to Car City. There are more bike businesses than just PS and A1 in that block ( the current Ringwood bike precinct )...
  16. Love them or hate them, PS are the main draw card for the bike shops.
    Don't forget, they are apparently having all brands including all gear, servicing and jet ski's at the new store. That end of Ringwood will almost become a ghost town.
  17. .
    What will that new Macca's in Ringwood do now :p
    I do agree I am seeing more and more vacant shop fronts there.
  18. Haha, yeah.

    It's pretty clear and smart for Maroondah council to move all things automotive down the other end. The Autobarn store there has been a poor performer for many years, I wouldn't be surprised if Supercheap moved.

    Now that Renault is gone, it leaves Honda behind and they are under pressure to move.
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    I was the business manager at the renault and suzuki car dealership until it closed on 28 feb.

    Interesting times at moment, with manufacturers wanting all dealers to move more and more metal each month, albeit with lower and lower margins for each unit.
    Imagine the bike business is the same.

    Dealers of either that arent cashed up or are less savvy will not survive the current business climate. I bought my duc from metro, and some of their business practices were loose to say the least. Not dodgy, but werent in the best interests of the owners perhaps.

    Not for the faint hearted.

    In the case of the car dealership I was involved with, I wont comment, as I dont speak for the owners. I am still working for them at a different location, and I have no beef with them, they acted honourably. But it was a struggle at that location. The council didnt make it any easier either. Special conditions for signage, parking, etc etc. not so different further down the road either. Parking and access is a struggle. Clearways at the busiest times as well.
  20. If A1 keep their current practices, they'll hurt Honda or Honda will pull out as they are very stringent and demanding.