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Peter Stevens Melbourne as a scooter dealer?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by pink, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    I just found a Gilera DNA on Peter Stevens BikeSales for $2490. Which is great and wonderful things because I"m a poor student like person. :grin:

    However, I'm in Sydney. Can anyone let me know what Peter Stevens are like to deal with? Are they decent or crap? I've read some stuff on here about them being bad to deal with, but as I have no personal experience and don't know a lot about bikes I don't really know if they're helpful or trying to pull a fast one.

    Also, are there any decent mechanics etc who wouldn't mind having a look at the bike for me? For a 180 model to be that cheap something must have happened to it, question though is whether it's mechanically sound. Also it's got very low kms, 880km to be precise, and that sounds about as fishy as John West. :?

    Any help would be much appreciated, or recommendations for other bikes will be considered too. My commute is about 50-60km round trip through Sydney (Waringah Road or Mona Vale Road and the Pacific Highway) - is a 180cc enough for that kind of work?

    All answers appreciated. :grin:

  2. Its 180cc 2 stroke isn't it? If so then yes I'd say its definitely gutsy enough. The 90 section isn't long anyway with the rest being 60
  3. If you are a student with not a lot of money to spend I suggest looking for something in Sydney as it'll cost at least a couple of hundred dollars to freight it to you from Melbourne. And maybe a four-stroke such as an Aprilia - unless you specifically want a DNA for it's style and two-stoke performance.

    No probs with the performance of the 180 as phizog has said - the 180 two stroke is also in the Gilera Runner and Italjet Dragster and it'll max out to 140kmh and give pretty brisk acceleration up to that speed. I think later model DNA may have a four stroke engine? I saw one lst weekend and the engine looked different to what's in my Dragster.
  4. I may have just been unlucky and hit the three dumbest salesman at the Melbourne CBD store recently. Each tried to convince me that riding a bike on the road was the same as sitting on it in the store. The disturbing part was I was in my bike gear with helmet in hand - my gear certainly doesn't look new anymore so they can't have mistook me for a first timer. Needless to say I walked out of there and never went back.

    I had heard better things about their store in Dandenong and was out there today. I spoke with one guy about organising a decent cover for my new bike and he was more than helpful.

    So, the three guys who sell the bikes at the CBD store could best be described as :jerk:

    At least one of the guys out at Dandenong was great.

    Hope that helps :?
  5. For my experience of Peter Stevens Ringwood store is they are all attentive to sell you a scoot... I brought a Suzuki Bergamn 250 off them october... but when it comes to backing that purchase with actual customer service, well my experience has not be one I would recommend.

    I used to live in the Frankston area and dealt with Peninsula Suzuki, to ay I wish I had purchased of them is an understatement as there I always had good service, if I had a problem with my then Vmoto scooter all I had to do was take it in and they would give it a quick once over there and then and set me a day if work needed to be done, usually only 2 days max... but this is the sad and sorry saga of my last 4-5 weeks...


    why? coz on Anzac day my 6 month old scooter developed an oil leak in the suspension.... it took the company where i brought the scoot 4 days to fit me into check it out and I was told not to ride it but it was safe to ride it to get it looked at.. not safe to ride 3 kms to and from work but safe to ride 15kms through suburban traffic....

    I took it in and they confirmed what I had told them.. the suspension shocker was leaking and needed to be replaced... that it was safe to ride until it was fixed... please remember this is a six month old scooter... I was told that the part should be in in a few days to fix it.... A week later when I had not heard back from them I rang them back... got some cock and bull story that they had rung me but the switch didnt know who I was. I gave them a direct line that does not go back to the switch when not answered. sorta didnt go down to well with me coz it didnt sound like they had called and gone through our work phone system at all.
    then I got told that Suzuki had stuffed up on VOR (urgent) ordering the part from Japan and that the part would be in stock on around the 13 May....
    So me being a good patient customer waited for the 13th may... no ph call again... called on the 15th to ask where the part was.. got shoved around the business from switch, to spare parts, who didnt answer the phone, I dialled 0 and got back to the switch and then I asked for service.
    Eventually someone answered the ph and told me the part would not be in today and that they would ring me when it was...
    By this time I dont beleive about the phoning me so I took it upon myself to ring each day..

    Well yesterday I rang again... a month after they had first been advised of the problem with my scoot and in that month the scoot has been losing oil from the shock and is becoming unsafe to ride and definately unroadworthy, and this scoot is my only form of transport of which they had been advised nearly each time I rang.... I was told "oh.. the part hasnt come in and it wont be in Australia until at the earliest the 5th of June".... and all along I have been given the line that it takes a long time to freight parts from Japan...

    Only one trouble with that storyline though... I work in despatch and regulary freight both small and large items all over the world and the longest it has taken me to get anything anywhere was 10 days and that was to get something to Columbia! not Japan with its frequent daily services!

    To say I wasnt impressed is an understatement, and I did aggressivley tell the service guy my side of the story but politely. I asked if there was a replacement scooter I could have a loan of as my scoot was now, through no fault of my own, unroadworthy and unsafe to ride... I was informed that a replacement/loan scooter is not part of the warranty conditions.. I then informed him that yes I agreed that wasnt part of the warranty conditions but the situation I have been placed in by his company and Suzuki was one that I would not be in the future either recomending them or Suzuki to anyone for custom... and that if a small company like Vmoto could arrange a loan scooter for me when a warranty issue had to be sorted out that surely a large company like Peter Stevens Motorcycles and Suzuki could, after all I had purchased this scooter off them only 6 months ago.. a scooter that is worth 3 times the amount of the Vmoto, a company that believed in customer service.

    to be fair to that service guy he did get on to Suzuki and stir up some action, I have been told that the part should be in Australia next week and that one it is in my scoot will be repaired as soon as possible..

    I will wait to see how good his word is

    but to say I am not a happy customer would be a very small understatement
  6. ^^^ mate, all i'm going to say is talk with your wallet. If the service your getting at XYZ dealership is no good, ask to speak to the manager/owner, tell them its been terrible and that your going elsewhere. Then he's aware of it and can hopefully lift his game. Then you go to an independent mechanic and get him to fix the problems, he can do warranty work for you.

    If you dont get appropriate service, I believe its important to tell the head of the workshop/dealership because they need to know.
  7. thx for those words Duffman.
    I have let service know the fact I am not happy and yes I will be going elsewhere to get the scoots service etc done in the future.

    I might just even ride the 30+ kms to Seaford and go to my old bike shop there, I just regret that I brought where I did, that I didnt go to another dealership and let them source the Bergman for me as I now I would have been better looked after than I have been

    I love the scoot, it is like an armchair to ride when the suspension if ok at least!
  8. some dealers dont realy care about there customers(not mentioning any names) and think because they hold a monopoly of brand they dont need to so find a dealer that you are comfortable with(they might not be as cheep but will pay of in the long run)
  9. oops...haven't posted in ages

    Hi guys,

    just wanted to say thanks for posting - and sorry I didn't reply back earlier. My internet access has been pretty limited for the last few months. :roll:

    Ended up not going for the DNA, just too hard with it being there as opposed to here.

    thanks for those who replied tho :cool: