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Peter Stevens in Ringwood.

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. due.

    I'm a fair minded person, and up until 3-4 yrs ago I refused to set foot inside a Peter Stevens motorcycle shop. Yes...such was their reputation to me.

    Then last year I bought a new Triumph 675 from PS in RINGWOOD, and the effort the sales and finance guys went to, to get me the bike I wanted at the price I could afford, was very impressive. And it's sitting in my garage.

    The bike itself is outstanding...a genuine winner for triumph and they deserve the acholades they've been given as a result of the Daytona 675.

    Then it came time for my first service....that had me worried, as I so much wanted it to just happen without any bullsh!t to mess up my impression.
    The Service Dept was equally as good. The bike was clearly well looked after and was SPOTLESS (show room condition) when I picked it up.
    And the team was friendly and professional....Always!

    Then I decided to totally feck the bike up in a stupid crash hitting some dirt. A near write-off!
    I was almost traumatised at the thought of ANY dealership, let alone PS Ringwood from being able to make the bike as good as was originally.
    I have to say that when I went to pick up the bike, I was stunned!....It lloked as good as they day I first got it, and I'm very very fastidious about my bikes....I climbed all over it, looking for any cover ups or shoddy work. To my great relief, I was impressed...indeed....the bike WAS as good as the day I bought it...possibly better!
    And yet again the service guys were friendly and proffesional. Stood by thier work, but were completely open to me returning if I found anything unsatisfactory....Now 6 or so months later, there has been nothing...not one thing about the repair that has shown itself, and I am not expecting any troubles either.

    Yesterday, I dropped it in for it's 10K service and a new front tyre, and at around 5K I had noticed a high spot in the disk, and believed it to be warped.
    I was expecting to get the run around over the discs, so was a little on the defensive side about it.
    I was expecting Triumph to give the usual story of it being a wear part and therefore not warranty and that PS could grind the disks to sort it out at my cost of course.
    Absolutely not!!...John in the service dept, and the technician that would be working n the bike, reassured me that they would take a good look at it, but my expectation was low and I was prepared for a complaint to Triumph.
    But No!, again. John at PS Rinwood submitted a warranty claim on my behalf to triumph and to triumphs credit, they did'nt hesitate to the have new disks and disk pads put on the bike under warranty.

    I asked John, why not the cheapy regrind. He said to me that he put himself in my shoes, and felt clearly that HE would want triumph to do the right thing, and that's how he approached it. As a result...Triumph did/is going for new replacement parts.
    Anyway....I go to pick up the bike and not only was the service done correctly but the bike again looked like it came off the showroon floor. The chain was cleaned up and loobed to perfection, which was a nice touch (yes I know I'm paying for it).

    In addition...the two times my bike has been in for service, the loaner bike I received as that days replacement has been a new Street Tripple, the first time, which I enjoyed throroughly, and then this last time I get a brand new 1050 naked tripple to ride.
    This bike is going to be my next bike. I'm hard to impress these days (too old and crotchety), but I could not wipe the smile of my face riding the new 1050 Tripple.

    Every time I have had anything to do with Peter Stevens in Ringwood, I have left there with a good feeling.
    Peter Stevens, has properly taken care of my pride and joy, and completely turned me around with respect to my opinion of them.
    Recently, the sales dept fecked me around, and got my back up. but I realized quickly that this was not typical....that they actually do reflect the warm professionalism that is very worthwhile ,So, well done to PS Ringwood.

    Peoples experiences will/can differ, but I for one, am no longer afraid to align myslef with PS Ringwood, and for what it`s worth, feel free to namedrop if you decide to given them a try.
  2. Thats good to hear, I had a terrible experience with them but I suspect it may just have been one person in particular. It led to me buying the Street Triple elsewhere though.
    One day motorbike stores will hire people that are capable of talking to both sexes :)
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  3. I've always been impressed with stevo's service. Just the price of their servicing put me off.
  4. First time I have heard a positive about PS Ringood, signs of things to come maybe?
  5. Hopefully! I've spent about $800 there in the last year and the sales guys have been awesome (esp. one guy who has given me some good discounts when price-matching) but am still sceptical re: servicing.

    Having said that, if Raven is pleased then they surely must be improving in that department as well. Let's wait and see!

    I might go to First Class in Lilydale when my 20K service comes up but am open to suggestions.

  6. Or different races for that matter!
  7. I bought my 1st bike from PS Ringwood and some new gear and I will say they have been very helpful. Everytime I go inthere for some window shopping the sales guy always remembers me and calls me by name.
    When upgrade time comes This sales rep will get my business if I go option 2 or 3 bike. Option 1 they dont sell.
    I never did try there service dept the general feed back did scare me off a little but generally I found my local guy is around the same price and 15 mns closer to home.
  8. You musn't be reading too much then? I recently posted that I haven't had an issue with PS Ringwood either in accessories or service department.

    If I may suggest to the OP, I'm a small business owner and rarely do you get anyone going to the effort of getting a thank you letter. I'm sure even a link to PS of this thread would be appreciated.
  9. I am pleased that you find PS Ringwood to be good. I have not been so fortunate when dealing with them. I wont ruin your nice thread with details but will warn you to be mindful how clean you bike is made by them. They have/had a tendency to hot pressure wash bikes that they service. This can force grit into the wheel bearings, destroy engine gaskets and ruin chains. Yes it looks clean but it is doing damage. If you refer to workshop manuals, owners manuals and the like you will find reference to NOT pressure washing certain areas of bikes.

    I sincerely hope that this is no longer the case but would recommend that you be mindful. A front wheel bearing disintegrating at 100km/h can be quite frightening let alone deadly. (This has happened to me, not as a result of PS. A previous bike that I later found out had been pressure washed regularly by its former owner.)

    Not wanting to be a downer nor bag any shop, for all I know they don't do this any more. What I really want is to give a warning about pressure washing for the safety of the rider.