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Peter Stevens has bought BTX in Ferntree Gully

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by LadyRider, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Yep from the horses mouth i was told
    yesterday that Peter Stevens
    Have bought out BTX
    in ferntree gully

  2. no shit hey.. i got a mate that works there too.. might talk to him this weekend and see whats up and if they are keeping thr same staff and stuff..
  3. be a bit stupid if they got rid of the staff there, I've founds their parts guys to be pretty good.
  4. Official take over is Monday & most of the staff are being kept from what I was told today...... seems PS have missed out on a couple of other bike shops of late - but are still looking at others to purchase!

  5. yep Bb i am amazed how it has been kept so quiet form the staff
    and i bet they also Don't know

    Murray is retiring
  6. I see you re-post information from the MRA site Jo
  7. Bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger!!!!!!

  8. considering i am a Paid member
    and Do post there
    with NO malice intended
    and considering I started
    BOTH threads on Both sites

    and your point Is ?
  9.  Top
  10. anyone know how the shop is gonna change? ie- what bikes they gonna sell? would be awesome if they moved all the harley stuff out to there and had all the dirt and sportbikes stuff in ringwood
  11. Should be interesting as to what bikes they sell considering Jeffrey Honda is right across the road. Might be some price wars ahead? We should be so lucky!
  12. Oh look Lady, you have a stalker :LOL: How nice.
    So petlink, just what is your point.

    Starting to look like a troll, smells like a troll, walks & talks like a troll. Probably is a troll
  13. I doubt whether too much will change, there are normally territory agreements in place that limit where and what people can sell, otherwise business owners would not have the confidence to invest.

    Price war? Jeffreys have never engaged in a price war and compete mainly on service and after market sales. If you want a price war then you can still go the city or any of the other shops.

    It'd be interesting though to see if they change the name of the shop or whether they'll keep it as it is.
  14. If it's anything like the takeover of the Honda & Yamaha dealer here in Geelong then yes, the name will change.

  15. Yes sadly Charmed it is looking like that again
    i changed my name once before because of prank callers
    (no i am Not jokeing )
    i thank Vic for being a great help over that situatiion

    anyway best get back to the subject matter
    Peter Stevens FTG will stock ?
    only a phone call away tomorrow :grin:

    or do i need to go bike shopping hhhhmmmm
    a few excuses to go to a few bike shops
    chrome cleaner
    mag wheel cleaner
    duco polish
    another bike for the garage :roll:
  16. Thought they'd lost the Harley dealership?
  17. My sentiments exactly :?
  18. Nope harley heaven is in ringwood
  19. Well it didn't happen on monday ......... few things to still sort out :?: