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Peter Stevens fitted some tyres for me... Wow.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Loz, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. So those of you who know me would understand that nobody but me and a couple of trusted buddies have laid a spanner on my bike for about 2 years - to the point where I've even done a tyre change or two with the old levers at Cheffie's place.

    I've had a couple of other tyre changes where I've taken rims in to a workshop and had them fitted and balanced, with no dramas. But on Saturday I thought "what the hell" and treated myself to a ride-in tyre change at Peter Stevens' A'Beckett St workshop in the city. It cost $66, which is on the upper end for a simple job like that, but I'd brought in my own tyres so I didn't mind them making a bit of money on me.

    When I picked the bike up, the bloke said "er, so how long are you going to keep this bike" - fair enough, it's pretty fugly - and then told me that my rear brake caliper was rooted and that I need to have a seal kit put through it, because it's dragging on the disc. 'Meh,' thinks I, 'it's working fine, I use it all the time,' and off I head to my mum's place 15km away.

    By the time I've got there all sorts of things are running through my head. Why isn't the brake working at all any more? The pedal's going right to the bottom and giving bugger-all stopping power. The disc was smoking hot by the time I'd parked it - and when I took a closer look, I quickly realised why:

    1) The axle had been put in backwards
    2) One of the chain tensioning spacers was in sideways (that would have taken some serious effort to f*ck up)
    3) The brake caliper bracket (it's a slidey one that moves back and forth as you adjust the chain) was mounted incorrectly, such that one pad was constantly dragging on the disc and the other couldn't be pressed onto the disc at all using the pedal

    It took me more than an hour to work out exactly how they had f*cked it all up, and fix it. With all parts installed correctly (it's not rocket surgery, as somebody said) everything worked just like normal. Naturally,

    4) the chain alignment was up the shithouse, and
    5) when I finger-tested the wheel bearings, the one closest to the burning hot disc was noticeably shagged.

    So either that bearing has been on its way out for a while, and whatever special needs child PoS relieved from licking windows to work on my bike didn't even check it (a 2 second job) and tell me, or the heat from 15km of freeway riding with one pad dragging on my rear disc has cooked the bearing and destroyed it.

    That's the damage from ONE F*CKING TYRE CHANGE.

    I'm disappointed, sure. A little angry too. But most of all, I feel pity for the people out there that take their bike to well known dealership mechanics like Peter Stevens and have no idea that their bikes may well be worked on by work-experience kids who can't be trusted to sit the right way around on a toilet, let alone tamper with the vehicle you trust with your life each time you ride. Worse-off still are those trusting customers who have no knowledge of how to fix shitty work themselves. If I'd listened to the service manager's advice, I would have spent hundreds more dollars with them trying to fix the problem with new caliper seals. It desn't need seals, it just needs to be correctly f*cking assembled.

    It needs bearings though, which is my fault in part for trusting them to do perhaps the simplest and most common of all jobs correctly.

    So, people, if ever there was a defining moment that made you think "well shit, I'd better learn how to work on my own bike" - let this one be it. There are excellent mechanics around, Pete the Pom is one of them, and plenty of people will stand up and defend a good grease-monkey. But if you don't know your spannerman, you'd better arm yourself with enough knowledge to know when you're being f*cked with.

    As for me, my mistake was simple - I took it to PoS because they were close to where I needed to go for a few hours. Lazy and stupid, but I didn't expect to cop this for it. I won't be making that mistake again.
  2. This makes me seriously think about starting my own workshop.
  3. That is sad Loz. It's ok for guys who know what they're doing but what if it was a newbie to bikes with no mechanical knowledge? Scary what could happen and how they could get ripped off as you'd be back there to get it fixed and they'd probably fark something else up while at it.
  4. Disappointing, but, unfortunately, hardly surprising.

    Hope there's no other damage to the bike.
  5. Yup found a great mechanic and have stuck with him even though now he's all the way out in bloody emu plains.

    Well worth it though.
  6. The best way to sort this out is to publish these facts within the broader community with a big write up's for the exceptional mechanics out there and blastings for the crap ones.
    Its then a matter of diverting business to the great guys who will be able then to afford expanding and creating a much needed change.

    I personally would pay 50% over the current rate, if it meant getting highly trained and capable mechanics that you can rely on!

    Johnny O. You need to make a start!
  7. i've had experiences where shops filled up the oil too much till unseen, got oil in the radiator reservoir and showing multi color, coolant spraying on the engine, (maybe) oil filter wasn't replaced, and god knows other stuff claimed and not done.
  8. I do everything myself unless it starts requiring specialist tools, cases split etc. For those jobs I give it to a one man band. One guy, his business, his name, guaranteed that the work is done by him, sole responsibility bla bla bla. It's the only way to get by.
  9. That's a shocking story. Thanks for telling us Loz. Do PS know about it?
  10. I have had a saying for a while that goes:

    the only difference between a normal mechanic and a race mechanic is attention to detail.

    I'd like to add to that by saying:

    Only race mechanics should work on motorcycles.!!
  11. Please record the conversation when you tell them.


    Hearing stories like this makes me glad that I dismantled my bike and cracked open the gearbox myself.

    I'm no expert, but I managed to drop the engine, both wheels, open the engine and replace stator, gears and selector forks, etc and put it all back together with no extra bolts, etc and no leaks or noises at all. I even fixed my -C28 error by simply spraying my STVA with WD40.

    If I can do that... how the fcuk can't they install a rear wheel.
    I shudder to think what I would have been charged and how dodgy my bike would have been when returned.
  12. You haven't mentioned anything about your front wheel.

    Mine had the pinch bolts finger tight as I rode off, but it wasn't Peter Stevens that did the job - another place that used to be in Richmond that does bike tyres as their core business.

    (I suppose everyone has one type of bike-workshop related horror story or another. But that's the problem, ride bikes long enough & YOU WILL have a bike workshop related horror story)
  13. you took you bike to peter stevens under your own influence :shock: well, err, yep.....that was clever wasn't it, am glad to hear it didn't result in a serious off though.
  14. No. They were closed by the time I'd worked out what they'd done. I suppose I should ring them tomorrow, but right now I just don't want anything to do with them.
  15. Damn right you should call the pricks...I'd be wanting my $66 back as the absolute minimum!

    I agree it is hard to find somebody worth a pinch of shit to work on your bike, however if you need tyres go and see Glen at PS Tyre Centre in Ringwood...I'm a picky bastard and I'm on my 6th set from him, he always looks after me and does the job right.

    I can't recommend him highly enough :)
  16. and make sure u tell them that u told your story on bike forums and to clean up their act.
  17. That's a scary story, Loz, and one which should be followed up......
  18. christ loz thats really fcuked up. at least it didnt cause an accident?

    for future reference...

    Peter Stevens Sucks

    you should have a go at them. if you dont feel like it, i will do it on your behalf!
  19. They read and monitor many forums.

    We've been contacted on a couple of occasions asking for "damaging feedback" to be removed.

    I suggested that they used the comments to improve their service. Guess they didn't listen :roll:
  20. well lets hope they read this story, arseholes, people pay good money for good service and they make your bike worse than before it went in, makes my blood boil hearing things like this, maybe they should pack up to and move to china