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Peter Stevens Disappointing again.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Fa1c0n, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. After purchasing a Brand new Harley Davidson, with a warranty, through Peter Stevens I can say - Next time Ill be purchasing second hand from somewhere else.

    Don't get me wrong, there are a few good salesmen, some shit ones too. But they really let you down as soon as you need a service.

    The bike came back from the first service, bolts missing, rear spokes loose and the rear cylinder exhaust pipe hanging off. Had to get it towed back.
    The shop accepted responsibility and fixed it... But its not a little fcuk up.
    They changed the oil (I assume) and that is it.
    $350 Bucks later.

    The worse is the rear loose spokes, the bike was wobbly as hell, dangerous. I kept riding it for a bit, as it was my first Harley Davidson just passed it off as "Maybe they just wobble like fcuk when you slow down"... After a week I took it back.

    Anyway - now is my second service, and I have no choice but to take it to Peter Stevens again. It seems silly to need to take it there to keep the warranty, when I could take it somewhere else and probably wouldnt NEED the warranty.

    The Second service, I checked it, again its all "Inspects" and the only things that are replaced is oil and oil filter. But this time its $450... Four hundred and Fifty dollars...

    Needless to say - I am anything but impressed!

    Please, anyone share your experiences...
    And if anyone has tips as to what I can do to have my bike serviced without voiding warranty and not using Peter Stevens that would be great.

    Let me know.
  2. Firstly... Wow that's some shit service provided right there. What was their excuse for such poor quality work?.

    Secondly. The second service might involve more adjusting or inspect and adjust procedures due to it having more kms on it.

    Also, I'm assuming you got a contract with ya sale?? Check it and see if it states you have to get it serviced through them to maintain warranty. If that's the case and it has to be a Peter Stevens, then I would be just taking it to a different location. One more thing, I have found that writing a letter of disappointment to either the dealer principle or manager would also get a discount on your service due to the shit quality of the first one.

    Hope it all works out bud.
  3. Yes - It is some shit service. The service centre said that the guy who serviced my bike had also fcuked up 2-3 other bikes during the same month as mine came in.
    So their excuse was that he is shit and that they have talked to him...
  4. The first service on my present bike, the dealer overfilled the bike with too much oil and it fouled the right hand air filter (a common problem on the M109R but one you'd think the dealer selling the bike would know to look out for), consequently they will never get another cent out of me. There is no mention in my service book that states I have to have the bike serviced by the same dealer to retain my warranty.
    The only caveat I have is that it must be serviced on time/approved mileage whatever comes first by a valid mechanic.
    Do you have some sort of restrictive warranty that states it must be done by the selling dealer? I thought this had been outlawed years ago as restrictive practice and shonky dealers sometimes try to get away with it still.
    Surely any HD service centre (or even any qualified, registered bike mech) can do it and you'll retain the warranty, what happens if you move cross country - are PS saying that you have to ship the bike back every 6 months?
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  5. I won't comment on PS again - I have done previously and CBF with it again.

    You can have your bike serviced ANYWHERE and still keep your warranty if the mechanic is certified......

    Look around for a HD cert mechanic - who cares - problem solved.
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  6. Awesome - I will double check but I was under the impression that to keep my extended warranty I needed to service it at Peter Stevens...

    If I can service it elsewhere then I will be taking it elsewhere!
  7. FYI --> E2W

    Albeit not a HD service mechanic - Pete is a guru in Melb and was my number 1 Jap bike service and installer.....

    I now have an Italian and go elsewhere as this is not his expertise......FWIW - If I go back to the Jap bikes, Pete is the man.....
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    Business discussions go where?

    Edit: Thanks for the message, all sorted
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  9. Thanks for clarifying that. Was a little confused. :D That is why I avoid PS like the plague. They have a bad rep for a reason. For every good thing about them there seems to be 100 terrible.
  10. Yes - I agree.
    Hopefully it turns out I can service the bike elsewhere.
  11. op' If you did a search on here you would have found one of the golden rules of motorcycling . purchasing a bike from Peter Stevens ok on a good day .

    But never never ever take it back for them to service ' follow this and have a happy motorcycling life ... we feel your pain
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  12. :) Hehe.
    Do you know If my warranty will still be valid if I take it elsewhere?
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    I'm going to say Yes ' But I'm not an expert on these things so someone else will come along with experience to help . I would think its the same as a car you don't need to go back to the dealer you buy from . wait and see that others say . good luck I did find this VVVVV
    Trade Practices Act

    Under the Trade Practices Act, a vehicle manufacturer or car dealership cannot insist we have our car serviced by a particular mechanic. We are free to choose where we have our vehicle serviced. Your warranty is not voided by taking your car elsewhere. However, a vehicle manufacturer can refuse a warranty claim when you have not kept up the recommended maintenance (or not kept your receipts or logbook as proof), or where inappropriate work has been carried out, or when a non-genuine replacement part has failed or caused damage to the vehicle.
  14. BitSar is 100% correct.

    The impression is created by simply telling you when to bring your vehicle in for its scheduled service, nothing more. All dealers do it because no agent in their right mind is going to tell you to take your vehicle elsewhere to get serviced are they? So the onus falls on you to know what your rights are. Dealer franchised dealerships do not have a monopoly on log book servicing and they cannot suggest that your statutory rights to a warranty are void, simply because the vehicle has been serviced outside of their network.

    Keep in mind that manufacturers provide warranties required by law so the dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. Scheduled services by qualified independent mechanics therefore cannot affect the statutory warranty if the work is done according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

    Exclusive dealing is not permitted under Sect 47 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

    If on the other hand repairs are required under warranty, it would best for you to return to an authorised dealer.

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  15. The only thing that makes me think it MAY be dealer specific is if the extended warranty you mentioned was a Peter Stevens product and not a HD product. But that's just a guess so definitely verify.

    :edit: Justus posted to clarify as I was taking my sweet time typing, so disregard
  16. Whilst this is true, if he is talking about an extended warranty provided gratis by the dealer then the obligation to use that dealer for servicing may be legitimate and binding in my experience.
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    Yes, extended warranties are usually different and he would need to read the fine print. Ideally, he should have done that before buying it. The conditions of extended warranties are usually so limiting they are not worth the money you pay for the product. Even the government (ACCC) advises caution.

    Incorrect, because the Trade Practices Act does not exist :p

    It was replaced by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 some 12 months ago now.

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    Well that was your first mistake. Really, anything you say from hereon will be tainted by the knowledge that you deliberately bought 1930's technology at modern day prices.

    BTW, I recently read a story about a guy who bought a new 1199 Panigale and rode it across America and back. When it needed a 15,000 mile service it cost him $1898.00!!!
    I wonder what a similar service for a Harley would cost?
  19. Is it just me or is anyone else wondering when Peter Stevens are going to pop in and join in the discussion...?
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    See told you someone else did come along who knows more about this than me '' :D
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