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Peter Stevens Clearance Centre

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by twistngo, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Dropped in today to get some chain lube and noticed the Elizabeth St clearance centre has a lot of stock at the moment.

  2. By lots you mean more than they normally do?
    They normally have quite a bit, its just that most of it is 3+ years old and they don't reduce it further so it just sits there.
  3. So... did you see any good deal?
  4. Yes. I work in town and wander through quite often and there was a lot of new stock.
  5. Most of it is old and some have bits missing (jackets missing armour, liners, etc). They only seem to be 20% off too.
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  7. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll drop in and check it out.
  8. Any decent stuff or just the usual junk?
  9. Just got the email i's called a "make us an offer sale". I'm gonna drop in tomorrow I reckon.
  10. I'm going first thing to see if any decent helmet or jeans for reasonable price
  11. There is quite a bit of "new" stuff not just what has been sitting there for months/years. Got a pair of smx-5 boots for $120 (were$300!) and an Alpinestars Indy jacket for $250 (was $480) :happy: Some one piece suits for $300!!!
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  12. Best sale I have ever been too!
    I paid 130 for my smx-5's, lol. But got an alpinestar leather jacket for $150, wow! Spent 2 hours in there.
  13. Seriously? I'm popping in tomorrow to buy a 2 piece GP-Pro suit. Hopefully I get a good bargain :D
  14. Gah, should've applied for a credit card a couple weeks ago, desperately in need of new gear. Although I have trouble finding sleeves short enough for me.
  15. I dropped in at lunch time, a lot of crap, but some quality bargains to be had.
  16. I got 2 tshirts for $5 each.. might head there again tomorrow to try find a jacket as only ones i found today that fitted were chicks ones lol
  17. I bought Alpinestars GP Pro gloves for $75. Considering they still go for $250 and some people paying $80 for the GP Plus gloves I think I got a good bargain :)
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  18. I got this... Shoei Multitec down from $850 to $250, It's a full face flip up one which I was against the idea but so far I've changed my mind...now I can spit, sneeze & chew gum! It is a massive leap up from my shitty RJAYS one!

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  19. @Jerryx4 makes you think about how highly marked up the stock is :p
  20. Ever so true.. that average Ebay price is about $600 so mark up or not I think I gots a bargin ;) considering I couldn't find and fitting jackets I HAD to buy sumthing